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Registering with the School District

Of the three options available to families wishing to educate their children at home (establish a home education program, enroll in a private school or maintain a private tutor program), most families choose to either establish a home education program or enroll their children in a pirvate school with a homeschooling option.

According to state statute, a home education program is defined as sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent or guardian in order to satisfy the requirements of ss.1002.41; 1003.01(4), and ss. 1003.21(1). Parents are responsible for directing their children’s education, not necessarily for providing every element. Many resources exist that can help you and are discussed in the Support Groups, Evaluators and Tutors, and Curriculum sections of this site.

Families who choose to establish a home education program as per the statutes have several procedures to comply with. They must:

  • Send a Notice of Intent to the superintendent of schools for the district they live in;
  • Maintain a portfolio of records which includes a log made contemporaneously with instruction and samples of the student’s work;
  • Provide for an annual evaluation, which must be filed with the school district;
  • Allow the superintendent (or his/her designee) to review their records with 15 days written notice;
  • Send a Notice of Termination when they stop homeschooling or move to another school district.
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