Florida Homeschool Evaluators and Tutors

Florida homeschool evaluators and tutors are listed by County. We recommend that you speak to several prospective evaluators before selecting one. Ask about their evaluation style so you can be sure it will be a good fit for your family. You may also want to ask for references. Please understand that while we ask everyone who wants to be listed here to specify their certification credentials, we are not able to validate this information. Ask to see your chosen evaluator’s Florida teaching certificate! Add Evaluator
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A note about the symbols used:

U This evaluator is Unschooling friendly
S This evaluator is familiar with evaluating Special Needs children
T This evaluator offers Testing
TU Designates a Tutor

Indian River
Palm Beach
Saint Johns
Saint Lucie
Santa Rosa



Taraneh Derakshan US
Email: tderakshan@gmail.com
Phone: (352) 226-5667
City: Gainesville
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 Elementary Education, K-12 ESE, Reading Endorsed and ESOL endorsed
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review.
Location of Evaluations: Flexible
Rate: 40.00

Danica Kemper U
Email: danicak94@gmail.com
Phone: (832) 996-7881
City: Gainesville
Florida Certification Area(s): Secondary Social Studies
Evaluation Method: Portfolio, discussion, etc.
Location of Evaluations: Gainesville, Can do over email or in person.
Rate: $30

Amy Padgett USTTU
Email: amygail77@gmail.com
Phone: (352) 316-5445
City: Newberry
Education/Experience: I am a Florida certified teacher with an ESE (Special needs) certification. I also have my Reading and ESOL endorsement. Over 12 years experience as a school Administrator and classroom teacher.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Preschool through 8th grade. All subject areas. Dyslexia and special needs services.
Location: Alachua Marion and Gilchrist Counties. In home or local public library
Rate:m Evaluations: $50. Tutoring: 50.00 per hour or 80.00 for 2 hours a week.

Mathew Silec TU
Email: karenporter@logaspringsacademy.org
Phone: 352-337-0686
City: Gainesville
Education/Experience: Graduate of UF, summa cum laude. Best used by serious hardworking students.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades 9-12 Math, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Physics
Rate: $35.00 per hour


Sarah Dunning TU
Email: kteachersj@ymail.com
Phone: (850) 303-4527
Education/Experience: Hold Professional Teaching Certificate for Grades K-6. ESOL endorsed also.
Over 15 years experience teaching ages 4-8 (Prek-2)
Subjects and Grade Levels: K, 1, & 2
Rate: $45



Anne Cook TTU
Email: annecookemail@gmail.com
Phone: (904) 315-4069
City: Keystone Heights
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K6 2014
Evaluation Method: Anne is a home school graduate with experience in all grade levels. She offers tutoring services for all subjects.
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Assessment and one-on-one reading assessments.
Location: Keystone Heights
Rate: Rate: $50 first student, $25 each additional child.


Jason Bottorff
Email: jason.bottorff1@hotmail.com
Phone: 352-426-3728
City: Rockledge
Education/Experience: Bachelors in Science from UCF, Interdisciplinary Studies. Military Leader.
Education Minor. 3 years experience as a teacher.
Subjects and Grade Levels: ACT, SAT, ASVAB, ALL Math and Science
Rate: $35

Stephanie Hill S
Email: Steph7722@hotmail.com
Phone: (321) 505-3055
City: Melbourne
Florida Certification Area(s): Pre-K-primary (age3-grade3); K-6 elementary, pre-K handicapped
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Interview
Location of Evaluations: Library
Rate: $30

Eric Kokin TU
Email: mastermathed@yahoo.com
Phone: 321 622-4697
City: Melbourne
Education/Experience: BSM/BSMed Mathematics/Mathematics Educations UCF 1997
Over 16 Years experience teaching/tutoring students from grades 7 – 12 and college.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Pre Algebra, Algebra I,II, Geometry, PreCalulus, Calculus, Differential Equations, SAT/ACT Prep.
Rate: 1 hr $25, 2 hrs $40

Julie Pringle USTTU
Email: thepringlefamily@bellsouth.net
Phone: (321) 266-7417
City: Mims
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education, Spanish
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation or an evaluation of standardized test scores. I offer testing services and private or group tutoring throughout the year. I’m a licensed Florida teacher and homeschool mom of 7 for 24 years! Experienced with FLVS, co-ops, and public high school with our 7 children.
Location of Evaluations: Mims/Titusville Library
Rate: $30 hour/evaluation or tutoring

Jeanette Ranow TU
Email: jeanette@cfl.rr.com
Phone: 321 961-6777
City: Cocoa
Education/Experience: B.S. Northrop University, CA. USAF. 11 years Pathology Roanoke Memorial Hospital.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Reading, German, Humanities, Home Economics, Geography. Grades 6-9
Rate: 18.00

Lauren Schrader T
Email: schraderla1@gmail.com
Phone: (321) 446-6399
City: Rockledge
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6, ESOL
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review
Location of Evaluations: Library or my church in Viera
Rate: $30 first child, $10 2nd child, $5 for all others

Kristi Shiflett U S T
Email: Shiflett74@gmail.com
Phone: 321 355-3974
City: Cocoa
Florida Certification Area(s): 18 Years of experience in various grade levels-Elementary K-6/ESE-Specific Learning Disabilities K-21/ESOL
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review with interview, One-on-One Reading Assessment-Running Records, Administration of the IOWA Test for overall student achievement, test score reviews
Location: Library
Rate: $25.00


Sarah C. Ball UST
Email: sarahcball@bellsouth.net
Phone: (954) 817-6430
City: Margate
Florida Certification Area(s): School Guidance k-12; Elem Ed k-6; Social Sciences 6-12
Evaluation Method: Prefer portfolio reviews as I feel it gives me the best comprehensive view of your student.
Rate: $50; $45 for siblings

Shirrie Barany TU
Email: s_barany@hotmail.com
Phone: 954-560-6308
City: Plantation
Education/Experience: M.S. Educational Leadership, B.S. Exceptional Student Education
Certifications: ESE K-12, Elementary Education K-6, ESOL
Additional Coursework: Gifted, Reading Endorsement
Over 12 Years Experience
Subjects and Grade Levels: General Curriculum K-6, English/Language Arts 6-8.
Evaluation Method: Portfolio, Achievement Testing, Informal/Formal Assessments, DAR, Woodcock-Johnson
Rate: $35/hr, $25/hr for siblings

Mitchell Cutler TU
Email: mcutler81@gmail.com
Phone: (305) 978-5449
City: Ft lauderdale
Education/Experience: Bachelor of Arts from Florida State University and Audio engineering certificate from SAE Institute. Over 20 years of teaching experience in multiple instruments. Early childhood music development and group classes. Recording and production services offered.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, and Bass. Private, group, and early childhood classes. All ages and grade levels welcome.
Rate: $30

Kathleen Giansiracusa
Email: KGiansiracusa@gmail.com
Phone: 520-488-0838
City: Hollywood
Education/Experience: M.S. in Systems Engineering; B.S. in Secondary Education (Major in Mathematics); 10 years of teaching experience; 13 years of tutoring experience; 15 years of engineering experience; Florida certified in Math (6-12)
Subjects and Grade Levels: Mathematics–all levels (Preschool through college), including ACT and SAT preparation;
Rate: $40-$60/hr

Cynthia Januszka TU
Email: cynthiamor@aol.com
Phone: 954-551-5527
City: Plantation
Education/Experience: 20+ years experience teaching in south Florida prek-12 schools and with undergraduate and graduate students at the university level. Specializes in assessing reading/writing difficulties and tailoring instruction to meet the student’s needs; building skills as well as a love for learning. Teaches education classes at the university to both public school and home school educators.
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-12, Reading (includes Writing), Elementary Ed., Primary Education, ESOL
Rate: $75/hour

Lychelle Jones
Email: lychellejones@hotmail.com
Phone: 954-675-0834
City: Coral Springs
Education/Experience: Nova Southeastern University (Ed.S in Math Education); Mathematics Curriculum Coach (Broward School Board); 10 + years teaching experience
Subjects and Grade Levels: Middle School Algebra & Geometry
Rate: $50 per hour

Michelle Maupin TU
Email: Msmmaupin@gmail.com
Phone: 954-997-9663
City: Hollywood
Education/Experience: M.Ed.and a Masters in Distance Education Policy and Management. Certified to teach English grades 5-9 in Florida. 20+ years of experience teaching in public schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Adjunct professor since 2006.
Subjects and Grade Levels: English, Reading and Writing grades 5-9
Rate: $ 55.00 per hour

Lourdes Nodarse U T
Email: lnodarse@college-direct.com
Phone: 754-400-8941
City: Pembroke Pines
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Assessment
Rate: $45

Angela Ocampo TU
Email: apoconsultinginc@gmail.com
Phone: 9546382786
City: Davie
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades 2-12.
Rate: $35

Sherilyn Reynolds US TTU
Email: esm25us@yahoo.com
Phone: (954) 415-1041
City: Fort Lauderdale
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary/Middle School
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review, Teacher-Made Test, Iowa Tests, or SAT’s. Experienced and caring.
Location: My home, your home, library
Rate: $35 for one student. Sibling discount.

Cristina Rhodes UT
Email: Cmt02d@yahoo.com
Phone: (561) 719-1245
City: Lighthouse Point
Florida Certification Area(s): Esol, elementary education K-6, spanish -12, master’s degree in education, homeschooling family in abeka and classical conversations
Evaluation Method: Iowa tests, Portfolio Review, Stanford achievement test, bilingual in spanish and english.
Location: Open (library, home)
Rate: $60-$85

Sally Saenz TU
Email: saenzsalo@gmail.com
Phone: 954-559-1528
City: Pembroke Pines
Education/Experience: Masters Degree in Education, 12 years of teaching and tutoring experience in Grades PreK-5. Certified in grades K-6. Experience with special needs.
Subjects and Grade Levels: PreK – 5th grades, all subjects
Rate: $35 – $50/hr depending on hours per week needed

Sandra Sharp
Email: sharpsc@bellsouth.net
Phone: 954-849-3952
City: Pompano Beach
Education/Experience: Professional, certified teacher with 8 years teaching experience. Four years in the traditional classroom and four years online experience.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Certified PreK-3rd, k-5, math 5-8, and ESOL endorsed
Rate: $35-$50 per hour

Krystal Young STTU
Email: krystal.young@browardschools.com
Phone: (954) 865-7604
City: Sunrise
Florida Certification Area(s): Math 5-9, ESE K-12, ESOL K-12, Reading K-12
Evaluation Method: Test of Mathematical Abilities TOMA-3, Diagnostic of Reading assessment DAR, Developmental Literacy Inventory, Informal student/parent interviews, other informal assessments in Spanish or English
Location of Evaluations: Student’s home, Teacher’s home office, Local library,
Rate: $65 an hour

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Patrick Rich US T
Phone: 352-628-5240
City: Homosassa
Florida Certification Area(s): Middle School Mathematics, 9-12 Mathematics
Evaluation Method: Phone evaluation, in person evaluation, evaluation by Skype
Rate: $50 dollars for first child, $25 dollars for each additional child


Sandy May
Email: smay.teachertutor@gmail.com
Phone: 904-403-1645
City: Middleburg
Education/Experience: Retired Teacher, taught in Clay County for 31 years, Elementary
Certified Teacher in Early Childhood, Elementary, ESOL and I have my Reading Endorsement
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-5, Reading and Math
Rate: $30.00 hour


Iris Bland TU
Email: iclarkbland@centurylink.net
Phone: 239-352-1027
City: Naples
Education/Experience: PhD in math education. I taught in Puerto Rico on a US military base for 25 years and at Edison Community College, Naples FL for 6 years.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Algebra 1 & 2, geometry, pre-calculus and AP calculus.
Rate: $50 per hour- $30 for second student

Brett Doyle TU
Email: bcdoyle@comcast.net
Phone: 732-977-3573
City: Naples
Education/Experience: Kean University: Graduated Summa cum Laude with BA in Education K-5 with Math Specialization 5-8.
Florida Certificates: K-6, Math 5-9, Science 5-9.
NJ Certificates: K-5, Math 5-8, Special Ed K-12.
Subjects and Grade Levels: I am a Math Master. I specialize in the middle grades with emphasis on Pre-Algebra/ Algebra/ Geometry. These are the most important grades and courses your child will ever take.
Rate: $40/ hr. or $30 for 45 mins.

Diana Finch TU
Email: dfinch@readingrescuecenters.com
Phone: 239-233-9400
City: Naples
Education/Experience: Trained/ certified-Orton-Gillingham, Reading Recovery, ESL. FL & CA Elementary Certified. 25 yrs professional experience & 7 yrs graduate work- Reading Specialist for children w/ Dyslexia, ADD, ESL & other struggles.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades K-4 Expert, Professional Reading Remediation-Students with Serious Delays; Grades 9-12 SAT & ACT prep; Gardiner Scholarship Approved Provider- FL
Rate: 65-120

Nicole Korolevich TU
Email: nicolekorolevich@gmail.com
Phone: 239-734-1118
City: Naples
Education/Experience: I homeschooled 5th-12th grade, until I enrolled at Florida State University and graduated in December 2016, with two Bachelor Degrees in Creative Writing and Religion.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All forms of writing – poetry, fiction, essay, article, etc. – grammar, editing, proofreading, vocabulary, literature, grammar, reading, religious studies, handwriting, English, rhetoric, and online communications. Any grade level.
Rate: $40

Dariush Mahtabfar TU
Email: dmahtabfar@yahoo.com
Phone: 201-403-4390
City: Naples
Education/Experience: I have been a mathematics teacher for the last 28 years with emphasis on student’s confidence in mathematics and enhancing problem solving strategies. I am very passionate about teaching mathematics and it shows!
Subjects and Grade Levels: Algebra, geometry, algebra II, trigonometry and pre-calculus. I also work with students at all levels of mathematics specially the ones with dyslexia.
Rate: $85/hour per child, $75 for second child.



Brianne Andrews USTTU
Email: beaconeducationalgroup@gmail.com
Phone: (606) 356-1466
City: Jacksonville
Florida Certification Area(s): Middle Grades Math, Gifted Endorsed
Evaluation Specialties: Unschooling friendly,Special needs evaluator,Testing available
Evaluation Method: I offer portfolio evaluations- in person, phone, cyber, and standardized testing – SAT 10, IOWA, Peabody. Within the portfolio evaluations, I am looking for the 4 required items: program of study, calendar of events, book log, and sample of work. I look at these, as well as, speak with the parent and student to determine the student made progress that year. I am open to evaluating any homeschool method, as I respect parents’ right to decide which method is best for their child.
Location: Student’s Home, Public Place
Rate: $20 online, $30 first student, $20 each additional, $60/Hour tutoring

Ronda Bayles UTTU
Email: Greatone03@yahoo.com
Phone: 904-376-9915
City: Jacksonville
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 Elementary education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation or testing (SAT-10).
Tutoring: Reading,, History, Elementary Math
Location: Public library
Rate: $25-$35 per child

Shemisha Gordon U
Email: shemisha.gordon@gmail.com
Phone: (904) 705-9655
City: Jacksonville
Florida Certification Area(s): Primary Elementary K-3
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review. I like to have the parent and student/students present to share whatever they feel was an important or interesting part of their learning. I know a portfolio is just a snapshot and small part of a homeschoolers learning experience, therefore I encourage families to share whatever they feel was a relevant part of their homeschool experience with me!
Location of Evaluations: Student’s home or Public location
Rate: $35.00 / $30.00 sibling

Johanna Lawson TU
Email: jviau@alumni.flagler.edu
Phone: (904) 705-6940
City: Jacksonville
Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education (Social Sciences), 11 years of teaching experience in the classroom, all grade levels, most time spent in elementary (K-6), Private Tutoring throughout educational career
Subjects and Grade Levels: Florida Certification Areas: Elementary Education (K-6), Secondary Education (Social Sciences), ESE (K-12)
Tutoring: Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Virtual School (K-12)
Rate: $25-35 (group rates available)

Jim O’Brien TU
Email: jim.obrien@pobjenterprises.com
Phone: 303-697-0183
City: Jacksonville
Education/Experience: I am an expert IT consultant with 40 years experience. During my career I have developed expertise in numerous Languages. Additionally I’ve developed extensive experience in System Software Engineering and Architecture.
Subjects and Grade Levels: High School, College and Adult. General Computer, Programming, Web Site, Databases
Rate: $50

Jillian Palmatier US
Email: jillian.palmatier@gmail.com
Phone: (904) 894-9671
City: Neptune Beach
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 Elementary Education,
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation. The portfolio should contain the 4 required elements: letter of registration, curriculum list, daily activities log, and work samples.
Location of Evaluations: Jacksonville or online
Rate: $25 Online Evals, $35 In-Person Evals ($30 for additional student)

David Wilson
Email: godchild2009_dw@yahoo.com
Phone: 904-352-5816
City: jacksonville
Florida Certification Area(s): 6-12 social science; 5-9 middle grades integrated
Evaluation Method: In home portfolio evaluations (public library has worked as well). Cyber evaluations when portfolios can be scanned or uploaded.
Location: Jacksonville
Rate: $40 per, $25 for ea add sibling when completed concurrently


Wendy Aliff UST
Email: thealiffs@frontiernet.net
Phone: 850-327-6024
City: McDavid
Florida Certification Area(s): Middle School Math, High School, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio based
Location: McDavid
Rate: $35 first student, sibling discounts

Carol Kelly STU
Email: aspecialtutoring@gmail.com
Phone: (850) 619-8883
City: Pensacola
Education/Experience: 5 years in public school system grades 3-12 +; 18+ combined years online tutoring ESE (ADHD, learning disabilities, autistic) and students falling behind or below grade level.
Certification: ESE K-12; Elementary K-6
Subjects and Grade Levels: Reading, writing, language arts, and math grades 2-8
Rate: 40 first, 35 for siblings

Rita Little US
Email: ritlit117@icloud.com
Phone: 850-450-2544
City: Pensacola
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood, Elementary Education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review, reading list, log book, work samples.
Rate: $30.00

Maleesa Redish TU
Email: mredish@outlook.com
Phone: (850) 221-1047
City: Pensacola
Florida Certification Area(s): Bachelors k-6, Masters in Reading. 11 years of k-5 classroom experience.
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review and informal interview. Will administer additional assessments if provided.
Location: In your home or public library
Rate: $35 for the first child, $60 for the second


Michelle Beasley US
Email: MDB.GCA@gmail.com
Phone: (321) 345-3644
City: Flagler Beach
Florida Certification Area(s): ESE, English, Reading, ESOL, & Educational Leadership
Evaluation Method: Consultations/Annual Planning, Portfolio Evaluations
Location of Evaluations: In home, library, or online
Rate: In person $45/Online $35

Jacci Keeney T
Email: jmkeeney@bellsouth.net
Phone: 386-627-8549
City: Palm Coast
Florida Certification Area(s): Elem Ed K-6
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Reviews, IOWA, SAT, & Brigance testing available.
Rate: Reviews-$75, Tests vary per test ordered

Jolene Spangler-Rosamonda U S
Email: Jrosamonda@gmail.com
Phone: (386) 627-1330
City: Palm Coast
Florida Certification Area(s): Elem.k-6, Math 5-9, Middle School Intergrated, ESE Middle School Integrated K-12
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Interview
Location of Evaluations: Face to face or Virtual (via FaceTime or Google Hangouts)
Rate: F2F $50 or Virtual $35



Suzanne Riordan U
Email: johnnynsuzie@yahoo.com
Phone: 386-935-4136
City: Bell
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6
Evaluation Method: I’m both a homeschooling mother and a certified teacher. I use the Charlotte Mason method myself and am familiar with many different methods and curricula. I will do a review of your child’s portfolio and a casual interview.
Rate: $50 per child; will consider a discount for more than 3 children



Christina Cancel U S
Email: aspirations80@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 484-1460
City: Brooksville
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6
Evaluation Method: I complete evaluations by reviewing work samples that show progress over time. I am available for online and in-person evaluations.
Location: Students Home, Public Library, Restaurants
Rate: $40 in person evaluations, $30 online evaluations. Sibling discounts available.

Lauren Oliver TU
Email: oliverlauren86@gmail.com
Phone: (352)263-8497
City: Brooksville
Education/Experience: FL certified teacher K-6 with 5+ years as an academic tutor grades K-12. Academic tutor for PHCC (now PHSC) college level subjects. ESOL and Reading endorsed. I am also a writer, bringing engaging lessons and skill building activities for reading and writing.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades K-12 maths, sciences, reading/writing/language arts/music/arts/history/geography/humanities/physical education
Rate: 30.00/hour



Debi Borello US
Email: Homeschoolmama02@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 957-4293
City: Tampa/Riverview
Florida Certification Area(s): Pre-k to 6th grade
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review with interview
Pricing: $30 for individual, $50 for family

Seth Botkins TU
Email: sethbotkins@yahoo.com
Phone: 727-400-1442
City: Tampa
Education/Experience: I have a Bachelors Degree in Middle Grade Education with a dual major in Learning/Behavior Disorders, and Mathematics. With 5 years of teaching and tutoring experience and a background in homeschooling I am perfect to help you meet all of your student’s needs.
Subjects and Grade Levels: FL State Certified in Exceptional Student Services(Special Education)k-12 and in Mathematics 5-9. My certification in ESE allows me to teach learning strategies to all grade levels and give parents insight into different learning styles and teaching methods.
Rate: $30 Eval for one student, $50 for 2 and $60 for 3. Free interview included! Also available for private teaching/tutoring in all subjects.

Lauren DuMont
Email: lauren.dumont@sdhc.k12.fl.us
Phone: (813) 505-9488
City: Lutz
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6, Reading K-12, ESOL
Evaluation Method: Evaluation of student portfolios
Location: Student’s home, local library
Rate: $60, sibling discount available

Carolyn England TU
Email: love4learningmath@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 690-8593
City: Brandon/Riverview
Education/Experience: Certified Hillsborough County Math Instructor, Masters and Bachelors in Optical Engineering, and 9 years of private tutoring experience
Subjects and Grade Levels: Certification: Math 6-12
Specialties: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Physics
Rate: $25/individual or $70 for groups (up to 4 students)

Amanda Gammons TU
Email: GammonsTutoring@gmail.com
Phone: (727) 455-6174
City: Tampa
Education/Experience: I have a bachelors in Mathematics from the University of Florida and a Masters in Education with a focus on Teaching of Mathematics from Stanford University. I have 6 years of teaching experience in secondary mathematics.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Tutoring available in all levels of Mathematics; middle grades, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Trigonometry to name a few.
Rate: $50/hour

Melissa Goebel U
Email: mgoebel627@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 727-1569
City: Wesley Chapel
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood Education Age 3 – Grade 3, ESOL
Evaluation Method: Evaluation of student portfolios in each subject area to ensure progress.
Location of Evaluations: Library, Barnes and Noble, or any other public location
Rate: $45.00 each evaluation, $5 off the first sibling, $10 off each additional sibling

John Irvin U
Email: possibilities.exist@outlook.com
Phone: (941) 266-6024
City: Seffner
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6
Evaluation Method: Review samples of portfolio in each subject area to ensure progress.
Location: In-person, Skype
Rate: $40 each evaluation, $5 discount for each additional sibling

Darcie Manning TU
Email: darcie.manning@gmail.com
Phone: (207) 841-6092
City: Tampa
Education/Experience: – Syracuse Univ, 1997, BS Biology, Univ of S. Maine, 2002, MS Teaching and Learning, 15+ years of public and private school teaching in middle school general science, one year teaching Biology one-on-one to homeschool student 3 hours/week
Subjects and Grade Levels: middle school general science, high school Biology and Earth Science
Rate: $40 for first student, $10 for each additional student

Tina Matthews TU
Email: 813mathteacher@gmail.com
Phone: 813-546-9496
City: Tampa
Education/Experience: I retired from the public school classroom 2.5 years ago. I have taught Grades 3-5 (all subjects), Middle School Math, and Algebra. I currently tutor an Honors Geometry high school student. Valid Florida Teaching Certificate,Master’s Degree in Elementary Education
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades 1-6 and Curriculum, Middle Grades Math, ESOL, Gifted
Rate: $85/2 hours per week

Leilani Melendez S T
Email: Lei101978@hotmail.com
Phone: (813) 732-4655
City: Brandon / Tampa
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary education, Drama, Music
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation or I can administer PIAT (Peabody)
Rate: $30 portfolio, $50 testing

Stephanie Moix
Email: stephaniesmoix@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 789-3149
City: Tampa
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education grades 1-6, Gifted, ELL
Evaluation Method: Evaluation method is a portfolio review and informal interview.
Location: My home or yours
Rate: $40 in my home, $50 at yours, discounts available for siblings

Elsa Ortiz
Email: mortiz28@verizon.net
Phone: 813-841-4367
City: Tampa
Education/Experience: Masters Degree in Teaching College Education – Spanish; Bachelors Degree in Education K-12 Spanish
Subjects and Grade Levels: All levels of Spanish
Rate: Private $35/hr: group rate available upon request

Rosie Stagi TU
Email: rstagi@tampabay.rr.com
Phone: (813) 325-9230
City: Lutz
Education/Experience: Elementary Education (1-6), Reading Endorsement (K-12), 20 years exp.
Reading Remediation Tutor, Classroom teacher,Reading clinic, References available.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Experience working with students with learning disabilities,
Reading remediation all grades, Beginning Reading, Summer reading book projects, Organizational skills, Handwriting
Rate: $70.00 an hr. library or your home

Susan Triggiano UST
Email: selahservices@outlook.com
Phone: (813) 240-3329
City: Lutz
Florida Certification Area(s): ESE K-12, PreK-3rd grade ,Primary Education
Evaluation Method: Academic Achievement Battery (AAB), IOWA Test, Variety of informal assessments, Portfolio Assessments
Location of Evaluations: library
Rate: AAB – $75; Portfolio $40

Roan Vaughan TU
Email: vaughan.roan@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 486-0798
City: Tampa
Education/Experience: I’m a teen creative writing tutor with experience leading successful book clubs and writing groups for the homeschooling community. Tutoring creative writers is an extension of my experience that everyone can achieve their writing goals when provided positive, encouraging support.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Creative Writing. Grades 9-12 (ages 14-18).
Rate: $15 per hour. Extra half-hour is $5.00.

Erin Elliott Wallace UST
Email: eriwall2016@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 310-7798
City: Riverview
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Ed K-6, Exceptional Education K-12, English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL, K-12), Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum, Social Studies 6-12
Evaluation Method: Evaluation methods may include portfolio review, student observations, formal assessments, and informal assessments. Likewise, I am also available for individual and small group instruction for grades K-12.
Location of Evaluations: My location, your location, or via the web (variety of methods).
Rate: $35 per hour


Indian River

Jody Brown U
Email: idlettej@yahoo.com
Phone: (772) 538-0039
City: Vero Beach
Florida Certification Area(s): Certified K-12, Media Specialist , Educational Leadership and Principal Certification
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review
Location of Evaluations: Indian River
Rate: $40

Sheri Taylor US
Email: sheritaylor16@yahoo.com
Phone: (561) 248-6182
City: Vero Beach
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary, Grades 1-6
Evaluation Method: Most evaluations consist of a portfolio review which demonstrates that your student is making progress at a level commensurate with his or her ability. I have been homeschooling and doing evaluations for over 15 years. I have experience with helping and evaluating students with ADD, ADHD, Austism, OCD, RAD, Adoption Issues, … Give me a call and let’s talk.
Rate: $35.00 for one student, 30.00 for the second, and 25.00 for each subsequent student


Kim Dunn TU
Email: kimgilmoredunn@gmail.com
Phone: 813-205-6090
City: Marianna
Education/Experience: Florida Certified Gifted Teacher and Referral Coordinator at two K-8 charter schools in Leon County. Former Homeschooler. B.A. Middle Grades English, Gifted Endorsed.
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-6 General Curriculum and personalized Multidisciplinary Project-based STEM Activities.
Rate: $30 hr./ Free Consult

Tamara Ravenelle TU
Email: ravenelle.tamara@gmail.com
Phone: 8503522102
City: Cottondale
Education/Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy and Special Education, have been substitute teacher and tutor, former homeschooler.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All
Rate: $15 – $25, negotiable



Sharon Carlisle US
Email: spiryt1@yahoo.com
Phone: (352) 978-8583
City: Astatula
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 Elementary Education and K-12 Physical Education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review In-person or Online
Location of Evaluations: Astatula
Rate: $30 for first student/$25 for each student after

Shayla Mark TU
Email: shaylamark@gmail.com
Phone: 407-925-8688
City: Mount Dora
Florida Certification Area(s): Technology Education (6-12), Earth/Space Science (6-12), Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum (5-9)
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review. Will administer additional assessments if provided.
Location: Library or other public location
Rate: $40/hour for evaluation; $45/hour tutoring

Ruth McCollum UST
Email: rpmccol47@aol.com
Phone: 352-408-4563
City: Eustis
Florida Certification Area(s): K-5, Reading K-12, E.S.E. K-12
Evaluation Method: Student Portfolio Reading Diagnostic
Rate: $40.00 for 1, $30.00 each for 2 or more.

Linda Heinemann Orsini UTU
Email: Inhizownimij@yahoo.com
Phone: 321-401-6311
City: Montverde
Florida Certification Area(s): PreK, Elementary, Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum, Spanish, ESOL
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review and discussion.
Location: Library, in-home, or a location we both agree upon
Rate: $30, $10 per additional child for evaluations; $20/hour tutoring

Melissa Packwood U
Email: lissa_kaye54@yahoo.com
Phone: (407) 712-4368
City: Groveland
Florida Certification Area(s): Pre-k to Third Grade and ESOL K-12
Evaluation Method: Portfolio or work samples; In person or via Skype; Willing to visit surrounding counties as well
Rate: $35 Skype/$40 in person; $5 discount for each additional student


Sara Egan U S
Email: saraegan@ymail.com
Phone: (239) 848-9804
City: Fort Myers
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6, English 5-9
Evaluation Specialties: Unschooling friendly,Special needs evaluator
Evaluation Method: I conduct very friendly, informal evaluations. Children and families should feel proud of what they have accomplished in a year! I strongly support unschooling methods and ideas and I am very understanding of children with special needs. Testing is not something I am willing to do.
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Rate: 30$ for 1 child, 35$ for a family

Alexandra Nara U T
Email: anara1023@hotmail.com
Phone: (239) 898-3139
City: Fort Myers
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6: Reading Endorsed: ESOL Endorsed
Evaluation Method: Lee County School District certified teacher available to complete your child’s Annual Home School Evaluation. Simple questions prior to the evaluation review are free of charge. I hope to complete your child’s Annual Home School Evaluation in a timely manner, and will meet in your home privately, in a group setting, or at a public location upon request. I am also able to administer any standardized state testing IF needed.
Location: Private or public location upon request
Rate: $40

Kimberly Squicciarini U T
Email: kimlyn7@yahoo.com
Phone: (239) 257-9240
City: Cape Coral
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education, Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction
Evaluation Method: I want to make the student feel special and proud of the growth they have made over the year. I like to evaluate using a Portfolio review and a one on one discussion with student. If they have taken an instrument as part of their education they can play me a piece of music if they choose to.
Rate: $40 first child, $20 each additional.

Sienna Vandall U ST
Email: Skvandall03@gmail.com
Phone: (239) 247-4932
City: Estero
Florida Certification Area(s): K-12 ESE and Elementary Education
Evaluation Method: I typically go by what the parent is most comfortable with. The majority of my evaluations I will review the academic portfolio and talk with the child about their interests and see how they have progressed from the beginning of the year until when I evaluate or the schooling stopped for the year.
Location of Evaluations: Your home or library.
Rate: $50 per student.


Edith Scheib TU
Email: Edithscheib70@gmail.com
Phone: 850-583-4315
City: Tallahassee
Education/Experience: Master’s degree teacher certified English and Exceptional Student Education. 10 years of experience with special needs.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Reading and writing for all grade levels.
Rate: $30 per hour. Free initial consultation.

Candace Weaver UST
Email: candace9393@gmail.com
Phone: (850) 491-5548
City: Tallahassee
Florida Certification Area(s): math 6-12
Evaluation Method: Diagnostic tests, and formative tests (both formal and informal)
Location of Evaluations: library, home
Rate: 35.00



Nancy Moral UST
Emails: nancy@myftps.com
Phone: (877) 572-4665
Florida State Certified K-12, Special Education
Testing Available
Evaluation Style: I complete annual evaluations by using the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT) one-on-one, I can also do an IQ Test, and make recommendations for Special Education Screening. I will do a portfolio review without testing or with modified testing with doctor’s note.
Rate: $60
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Kerry Frishman TU
Email: frishman@tampabay.rr.com
Phone: 941-545-8339
City: Bradenton
Education/Experience: Masters Degree in Elementary Education, 9 yrs. teaching experience in Manatee County
Subjects and Grade Levels: All subjects grades 1-8. Specializing in Common Core Curriculum
Rate: $40/hr.

Pauline Lopez TU
Email: bell841@gmail.com
Phone: 941-706-3092
City: Sarasota/Bradenton
Education/Experience: bachelor’s Degree in English and French from UNC-Chapel Hill. Masters Degree in English Education from FIU. Taught in the Florida Public School System for 15 years, grades 1-12, four years teaching at the college level.
Subjects and Grade Levels: English K-12, Elementary Education (all subjects) and ESOL.
Rate: $25-$30 depending on distance


Keri Behling TU
Email: H.E.T.consultants@gmail.com
Phone: 352-239-7086
City: Silver Springs
Education/Experience: IEP Development ESE/Gifted resources and annual homeschool evaluations.
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-12
Rate: $40

Laura Keller ST
Email: laura.keller@marion.k12.fl.us
Phone: (561) 603-3001
City: Ocala
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Ed K-6
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review, teacher created assessment tests for end of the year curriculum, Q&A session and review with parents on status and suggestions for specialized improvements.
Rate: $30/hr per student


Clarissa Bellon TU
Email: Clarybt@yahoo.com
Phone: (305) 313-4620
City: Palm city
Education/Experience: Retired Registred Nurse with a National Certification for patient education and native Spanish speaker
Subjects and Grade Levels: Spanish, K-adult
Rate: 20.00 an hour will teach 2 to 3 children at a time

Melanie Congleton S
Email: Mcongletonoca@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 512-7417
City: Okeechobee
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Ed., ESOL
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Evaluation, Formative Assessment Evaluations, curriculum Evuations.
Location of Evaluations: Public locations, Home
Rate: $40-$50 per hour

Heidi Rhodes S
Email: Heidimrhodes@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 779-1388
City: Hobe Sound, Stuart, Palm City, Jupiter
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6
Evaluation Method: Evaluation Style: Relaxed and Encouraging Portfolio Review–feedback and suggestions provided
Location of Evaluations: Stuart Library or Jupiter Library
Rate: $40, $5.00 discount for siblings

Trish Zogran USTU
Email: teacherstable@gmail.com
City: Stuart
Zip code: 34997
Florida Certification Area(s): K-12 Special Education, K-12 Elementary Education, Wilson Reading Certification.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All Subjects K-4
Evaluation Method: Various evaluation methods offered including portfolio review, testing (formal and informal), discussion and performance based assessments.
Rate: $40-$50 hourly


Lianne Baez S T
Email: lbatl001@fiu.edu
Phone: (305) 298-5170
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary, Primary
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Testing,Interview
Location of Evaluations: Dade County
Rate: $15.00

Eliette Barrios TU
Email: Elietteb@bellsouth.net
Phone: 305-484-6399
City: Homestead
Education/Experience: Math education major, teaching all levels, experience teaching ASVAB, SAT, EOC, Algebra I,II. Pre-calculus.
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-12 and college math.
Florida Certified math teacher from 5-9
Rate: $35

Laura Blanco TU
Email: lblanco926@gmail.com
Phone: (305) 951-7672
City: Miami
Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree,and Speech Therapist
with a certificate in teaching.Have been teaching for 15 years in Miami Dade,and tutored in ,Language, Reading Comprehension,and phonics,remedial reading,and ESC.
Subjects and Grade Levels: anguage Arts,Writing,Reading Specialist,Comprehension, Phonics, Speech,ESC,and Spanish. Grades pre-school-8th grade
Rate: $40, sibling discounts apply

Marie Buitrago UST
Email: mbuitrago@dadeschools.net
Phone: 305-799-9248
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 General Education
Evaluation Method: Tests (formal and informal), portfolio evaluation, interview and Q & A session, etc.
Rate: $40 and up (Rates according to evaluation method.)

John DeMartin TU
Email: einpoe@gmail.com
Phone: (305) 491-3827
City: Sunny Isles Beach
Education/Experience: BA (UMass), MA/JD (Boston College). Independent school teacher and private tutor for 23+ years.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Certified in MA & FL (gr. K-6th) + FL middle grades 5-9 endorsements in math & science. Independent school teacher, gr. PK3-5th, 20+ years.
Rate: $50 (negotiable for extended hrs)

Ellen Elias U T TU
Email: ellenvictoriaelias@gmail.com
Phone: (954) 998-3965
City: Aventura
Florida Certification Area(s): Social Studies 6-12; Computer Studies K-12; Gifted Endorsed
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Testing,Interview
Location of Evaluations: Home Office in Aventura
Rate: $25 per evaluation; sibling discount; $35 minimum for tutoring

Mark Elman TU
Email: elmanmj@aol.com
Phone: 3058147038
City: Miami
Education/Experience: M.Ed. in English Education from Vanderbilt University, B.A English/Math The George Washington University. Currently an adjunct college professor in Writing, with 20 years of standardized testing and subject tutoring experience. Can teach all subjects except AP Calculus
Subjects and Grade Levels: Can teach all subjects except AP Calculus, grades 7-12
Rate: $40/hr

Marilina Figueroa UTTU
Email: maryfimu@yahoo.com
Phone: 786-301-0650
City: Hialeah/Miami Lakes
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary ESOL
Evaluation Method: SAT, FCAT
Experience: Extensive knowledge of teaching Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish. I am a firm believer in creating life-long learners, and tutor children using their learning style. Free evaluations prior to tutoring to find areas of weaknesses.
Subjects/grades Tutored: Kindergarten through 7th Grade, ALL SUBJECTS…. including, but not limited to scissor skills, coloring skills, handwriting, character education, social skills, time management skills, retention strategies, memory skills, and help with projects such as Science Fair.
Rate: $50 per child for evaluation; $25/hour tutoring

Bertha Flores UST
Email: berthaflores13@yahoo.com
Phone: (786) 247-5636
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): ESE K-12 / ESOL/ PreK Disabilities
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review, Brigance Developmental Assessment, Informal Reading Assessments, Handwriting Without Tears Assessment
Location: Library, Park, My home
Rate: $35 per child (offer sibling discount)

Yessenia Gonzalez USTTU
Email: yessi4499@yahoo.com
Phone: (305) 992-4584
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary K-6, ESE K-12, Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum 5-9, ESOL Endorsement
Evaluation Method: Various evaluation methods offered including portfolio review, testing (formal and informal, group and indivdual), discussion and performance based assessments.
Tutoring for a variety of subjects areas and grade levels.
Rate: $25+ (varies)

Jennie Herrera ST
Email: Jennie@readingdyslexiafl.com
Phone: (786) 602-2106
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): ESE, Reading K-12, Elementary, Math 6-12, ESOL
Evaluation Method: At Reading & Dyslexia Center of Florida we provide evaluations for students with special needs including speech/ language, occupational therapy, processing disorders and academic evaluations.
Rate: $100

Claudine Holder-Boucaud U
email: c.boucaud@gmail.com
Phone: 347-284-6814
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): K-12, Biology 6-12
Evaluation Method: Florida state licensed teacher and homeschool mom . I offer annual evaluations for all FLVS students. Evaluate through transcripts and discussion based assessments.
Rate: $50. Discounts available.

Rob Interian TU
Email: robinterian@aol.com
Phone: (305) 586-2712
City: Westchester-University Park area
Education/Experience: FLDOE certified in ART & Reading (current to 2023)
18 + years classroom teaching experience.
solid (data backed) track record of helping my students improve state test scores & gain acceptance into ART magnet programs.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Reading/ FSA ELA test prep (5-10th grades)
Art* (5-12th grades) *specializing in ART magnet program portfolio preparation.
Rate: 35 – 50 per hour

Anna Kleinholz TU
Email: annakteaches@gmail.com
Phone: 786-286-0643
City: Naranja
Education/Experience: FLDOE certified with professional license in Elementary Education (K-6 grades). Bachelors degree in May 2010 from Trinity International University. Licensed to teach Drama through 12th grade.
Subjects and Grade Levels: 6-12 English, Reading, Writing (essays), and Math tutor. K-Adult Drama teacher and coach.
Rate: $40 – $60 per hour. Group and multiple children discounts are available

Light Up Learning S TTU
Email: info@lightuplearning.com
Phone: 786-334-6967
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): Special Ed. K-12, High School Language Arts
Subjects and Grade Levels: Test prep courses for the SAT & HSPT, educational therapy.
Evaluation Method: Woodcock Johnson III-NU or other testing
Rate: $50 and up

Marilyn Orta
Email: marilyn.orta@mymail.barry.edu
Phone: 786-554-9064
City: Hialeah
Education/Experience: I am a certified K-6 Florida Teacher with a Masters in Early/Middle Education and a Minor in Mathematics. I have been teaching under the Department of Education Public School system for 2 years. However, I have experience with children in VPK all the way to 12th grade.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All subjects K-6, 7-9th grade mathematics.
Rate: $40/hr. Group discounts available.

Jose Palos UT TU
Email: imsapalos@gmail.com
Phone: (708) 557-2154
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): Social Science / Foreign Language
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Interview
Location of Evaluations: Miami
Rate: $70

Ileana Padilla-Boyd UST
Email: ileana@brightstartstutoring.com
Phone: (786) 302-5082
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): Exceptional Student Education K-12, Early childhood
Evaluation Method: Student portfolio or Woodcock Johnson assessment
Rate: Student portfolio: $45.00, Woordock Johnson: $80. I go to you and meet with you and your child.

Stephanie Pena TU
Email: tiptoptutoring@outlook.com
Phone: 305-647-2726
City: Miami
Education/Experience: Certified K-6 and Special Education. Master’s in Special Education with Specialization in Autism. 5 years teaching grades Pre-K – 3rd grade and students with autism and other special needs.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Pre-K – 6th grade, students with special needs, and homeschool children in all academic subjects, test prep, social skills, and study skills.
Rate: $45 per hour/per week, discounts apply for more hours or small group tutoring

Diana Pineda USTU
Email: Dee@homewithdee.com
Phone: 786-531-9360
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): Florida Certified
Evaluation Method: Not specified
Subjects and Grade Levels: All subject for grades K-6; Pre algebra; Middle School English, Writing
Location: In Home, Starbucks, My location
Rate: $30 and $10 for Siblings

Margaret Scardina TU
Email: marge@missinglinkmethod.com
Phone: (786) 368-1888
City: Miami
Education/Experience: ED.D in Special Education, MA in Special Education, BA Special Education, National Board Certified, Florida Certified K-12 ESE in all subject areas, SAT & ACT 35 years of teaching experience
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-12 in all subject areas, SAT, ACT, & GED, Highschool entrance exams
Rate: $60

Sheila Wallace USTTU
Email: sheilawallace786@gmail.com
Phone: (786) 901-0434
City: Miami
Florida Certification Area(s): English /LA 5-9 -Elementary Ed -Early Childhood Ed – Varying Exceptionalities K-12 – ESOL-
Evaluation Method: Portfolio assessment-samples of curriculum and extra curricular products.
Individualized assessment- Standard and Alternative methods accepted based on learning strengths.
Oral based Conferencing- parent/child. Oral based conferencing with child
Location of Evaluations: Local Library or your home.
Rate: 40.00 evaluation; $45-$55 tutoring

Deborah Xiques
Email: homeschoolevals@gmail.com
Phone: 305-903-5879
City: Hialeah area
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood/Elementary
Evaluation Method: Portfolio: Portfolio: organized samples of work; interview. Will write evaluation based on child’s test scores if needed.
Rate: Portfolio: $40 Portfolio/$10 letter

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Lisa Morris TU
Email: Lovealab@aol.com
Phone: 850-687-0175
City: Destin
Education/Experience: I have 25 years of teaching experience in grades K-5. My areas of expertise are reading and writing. I also have my Master’s degree in reading instruction. I currently have 8 educational books published on reading and writing instruction. I also teach education classes at NWFSC.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades K-8, reading and writing including within the content areas of social studies and science.
Rate: $30



Daniela Burlacu TU
Email: msburlacu@gmail.com
Phone: 407-929-8241
City: Orlando/ Winter Park
Education/Experience: B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, Political Science & Diplomacy, Minor in Spanish, University of Central Florida, 2014. Eight years of direct, hands on Tutoring experience. Multilingual-Fluent in English, Spanish & Romanian.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Foreign languages-English, Spanish & Romanian; *Reading-from Pre-K through adult literacy; Math-from 4th grade through college algebra; Social Studies, including Human Geography;
Rate: 45.00

Maya Byfield TU
Email: drbbest@gmail.com
Phone: 407-965-6215
City: Apopka
Education/Experience: BS in Biology, MS/PhD in Biomedical Sciences.
College professor that can teach biology/chemistry clear enough that a child at any age will understand.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Biology and Chemistry
Middle, High, College
Rate: $50/hour

Carolyn Castagno U
Email: CarolynMO@aol.com
Phone: 407-381-0951
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood, Elementary and Administration
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review
Rate: $35

Juliana Cooney TU
Email: jcooney@cooneyed.com
Phone: (240) 446-1148
City: Windermere
Education/Experience: Masters of Education.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Can tutor higher level math, behavior, and other subjects.
Rate: $40 per hour (flexible)

Bevon Dabrio ST
Email: bevond@yahoo.com
Phone: (407) 276-2118
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): ESE, Elementary, Autism Endorsement
Evaluation Method: Portfolio, parent interview, and pre/post tests.
Rate: $50

Ashley Day-Bohn USTTU
Email: Ashley@AvenueEducation.org
Phone: 407-674-9131
City: Orlando/Winter Park
Education/Experience: Florida Certified Teacher in Elementary and Special Education. 8 years classroom teaching experience. Masters degree in teaching students with disabilities. Experience writing Individual Education Plans.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Pre K through 6th grade. Academic Tutoring, Reading Assessment, Lesson Planning, Strategies for ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum, Behavior Management, Language Development, Fine Motor Skills
Rate: $40 – $50

Tammy DeVore US
Email: tdevore71@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 462-1457
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation that is convenient for your family. We can meet at a location of our mutual deciding and discuss how your school year progressed. I have been a Florida certified teacher for 25 years and have homeschooled for 20 years. I have used all sorts of curriculum and techniques and am open to what is best for each individual and family.
Location of Evaluations: Variable
Rate: $50

Samantha Eason U
Email: eason.samantha@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 925-7140
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): Art K-12
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review
Location of Evaluations: Lakeland and East Orlando
Rate: 30

Elaine Hasford TU
Email: egcoll859@gmail.com
Phone: 859-433-6585
City: Alfaya
Education/Experience: FL Certified Elementary Education (K-6), B.S. in English from University of Kentucky, Visual Arts Major grad from School for the Creative and Performing Arts. 3 years as a classroom teacher (3-5th grade), experience in ESE and ESOL
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-6: all subject areas; All ages: study skills, organization/time management, project based learning, art (drawing, painting, illustration, etc.), writing (composition, editing/revising).
Rate: $25-50/hour dependent on service and # of students

Nicole Hayman U
Email: coleyhay@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 489-8324
City: Oboe
Florida Certification Area(s): PreK-Primary, English, Elementary, ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages
Evaluation Method: Florida-certified educator for 10 years, taught multiple grades and also have experience as a Curriculum Resource Teacher & Dean of Students. I am currently a homeschool mom. I offer portfolio review along with discussion and performance-based assessments. Willing to meet at a place/time convenient for your family. I am located in Ocoee but can travel to most places in the Central Florida area.
Location of Evaluations: Flexible
Rate: $40 one child; $60 for two

House of David TU
Email: Houseofdavidministries@riversofrevival.com
Phone: (407)814-3890
City: Apopka
Education/Experience: We have several tutors on staff that can help with all your educational needs.
Subjects and Grade Levels: grades 1-8
Rate: free

Kelly Geronimos UTTU
Email: kelly.geronimos3@gmail.com
Phone: (954) 632-0990
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): Grades K-9, ESOL Endorsement, Reading Endorsement
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review or administration of and Formal/Informal Assessments approved by the school district. Also willing to provide tutoring.
Location: Student Home, Library, Etc.
Rate: Evaluations: $40 for first child. $30 for each additional sibling. Tutoring: $20/hour.

Cristy Lafferty UST
Email: cristylafferty@gmail.com
Phone: 4077583935
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 Elementary Ed, K-12 Exceptional Student Education, K-12 ESOL
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review and educational consultation available. Specialized instructional intervention can be discussed, as well as tutoring if needed.
Location: Orlando
Rate: $40 per hour

Edilia Lugo TU
Email: lilalugo@hotmail.com
Phone: 407-803-7060
City: Orlando
Education/Experience: Math Teacher 6-12, 8 years of experience working with Elementary students (ESE, Math and Readind)
Teaching SAT Mat for 4 years
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math k-12 and SAT Math
Rate: $30

Beverly Martinez TU
Email: thedabrio@yahoo.com
Phone: 407-276-1808
City: Orlando
Education/Experience: MA in Psychology, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Autism Endorsement, former ESE teacher
Subjects and Grade Levels: All Pre-K and School Age. All subjects. I specialize in teaching children with special needs. Children with special needs may be able to get services through scholarships.
Rate: $50, PSLA, sliding scale, special needs scholarships

Patty Morman UST
Email: pattymom1000@yahoo.com
Phone: (407) 580-0897
City: Maitland
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary K-5; and ESE K-12(exceptional student education)
Evaluation Method: I can flex to meet the style you and your student are most comfortable with. I have done portfolios, and interviews. I could also do testing if you prefer.
Location: Your home, mine, public place
Rate: 25.00 first in family; 15 each additional

Andrea Ortiz U
Email: andreabrianne@gmail.com
Phone: 305-401-0143
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood Education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio assessment, bring a book to read orally. Evaluates grades K-2 only.
Rate: 1 child $25, 2 children $35 total

Name: Rebecca (Becky) Prior U
Email: RAP903@Gmail.com
Phone: 407-927-8720
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): Agriculture
Evaluation Method: Each family visits me at my home near 436 & Aloma in East Winter Park, or some who are distance challenged meet with me via Skype. We casually talk about what each child Evaluation Method: Each family visits me at my home near 436 (Semoran) & Hwy 50 (E. Colonial), or if distance challenged meet with me via Skype. We casually talk about what each child has learned while I look over their (1) list of reading materials, (2) “Log” of learning activities and (3) Samples of their “work” which show progress in their learning. The review is very informal and most of my families can hardly wait to come to visit each year to “Show & Tell” me of their adventures and accomplishments! I’m happy to work with all types of learning/teaching styles from school-at-home with specific curriculum & virtual classes to totally do you own thing & unschooling. Feel free to call me anytime during the year if unsure of how to document your child’s learning activities or if you have any other questions.
Rate: $60/first child, $40/additional children.

Pamela Taylor S
Email: pamelataylor1110@yahoo.com
Phone: 407-709-6624
City: Apopka
Florida Certification Area(s): ESE K-12 and ESOL Certified
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Assessment
Location: Flexible
Rate: $50 per hour

Genea Thornton U
Email: genea1th@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 777-5878
City: Orlando
Florida Certification Area(s): Esol & ese k-12, elementary ed k-6
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Testing
Location of Evaluations: Virtual / agreed Orlando location
Rate: $25/$35

Maria Torron-Gomez TU
Email: Ladyofknowledge@gmail.com
Phone: (804) 317-8807
City: Orlando
Education/Experience: BA- Humanities/literature and history.MA in Education from Florida International University. National Board Certified Teacher.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Certified in Spanish k-12, ESL k-12. Reading specialist. Bilingual educator.Offer help with academic writing and organizational skills. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.
Rate: 35.00 per hour . Lesson packages available.

Shirley Wiggs TU
Email: teachem2fish@gmail.com
Phone: (863) 582-2802
City: Orlando
Education/Experience: BA & AA degree in Christian counseling& Musical theater Education 10+years.I’m also an Orlando REP camp Theater teacher/B&G Club Film Instructor.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Musical Theater, Jr. entrepreneurship, cooking, Beauty culture, Kid Forensics that I’ve taught as a private school instructor& Reading/grades K-8. I Walt Disney World entertainment cast member
Rate: $55 & 45 each additional Child,

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Matthew Davidson TU
Email: profmrdavidson@gmail.com
Phone: (321) 402-8207
Education/Experience: I was educated at leading Christian schools- Gordon College and then Gordon-Conwell Seminary…very well educated across the Humanities. A little review of math and I was ready to tutor that as well!
Subjects and Grade Levels: I tutor most subject up through about 10-11 grade, including some languages. I have been doing so very successfully for 20 years!
Rate: $35.00/hour

Sarah Glass US
Email: sarah9509@gmail.com
Phone: (317) 523-7431
City: St. Cloud
Florida Certification Area(s): k-6, 6-12 business
Evaluation Method: Parents will present school work which shows progress according to the child’s abilities.
Location: St Cloud library, skype
Rate: $25 for half an hour session, $50 for an hour.

Yolanda Newton UST
Email: director@educationrevolt.org
Phone: (813) 600-9253
City: Saint Cloud
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-5 ; Social Studies 6-12 ; Exceptional Education K-12
Evaluation Method: Non-stressful portfolio evaluations. Norm-reference testing to meet state requirements. I am friendly and understanding of the unschooling and eccentric schooling approaches, as well as the needs of students with exceptionalities; this includes, but is not limited to, Autism, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and Language Processing Disorder, ADHD, and Executive Functioning.
Location of Evaluations: student’s home ; agreed upon library space
Rate: $25-30

Julie Roberts U
Email: julielerh@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 968-5131
City: St. Cloud
Florida Certification Area(s): Esol, primary
Evaluation Method: Parents will show samples of work, reading list, log. I will talk to the student.
Location: Library
Rate: $30 for the first child, 10 for each additional sibling
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Palm Beach

Nikki Barnfather TU
Email: nikkibarnfather@gmail.com
Phone: 225-200-7419
City: Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens
Education/Experience: M.Ed in Educational Psychology, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. I have lived most of my life in South Africa where I qualified as an Educational Psychologist. I have experience with working with children who have difficulties with ADD/ADHD, Autism and Aspergers, Dyslexia, special needs and other learning difficulties, as this is my specialization. I also have over 5 years of tutoring experience, covering many subjects and ages. My tutoring approach is that every child can learn and be the best that they can be, provided with a calm, supportive and non-threatening learning environment. I believe it is important to not only transfer the knowledge they need to be successful, but also to build their confidence and self-esteem in learning.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Elementary Subjects
Rate: $35

Michelle Brill
email: the_brills@bellsouth.net
phone: 561.577.3211
Florida State certified K-12
Taught in public and private schools for 16 years; homeschooled for 7 years
Evaluation style: Interview with parent and child; review of portfolio
Location: flexible
Rate: $40.00 1st child; sibling discount

Andrea Duprey S
Email: andreag.7321@gmail.com
Phone: (954) 579-4523
City: Wellington
Florida Certification Area(s): PreK – 3rd & ESE K-12
Evaluation Method: Evaluation is completed with a review of a portfolio, work samples, projects or logs as well as an in person conversation with both parent and child.
Location: Wellington
Rate: $40 first child $5.00 sibling discount

Jennifer Fertitta US
Email: markjenfertitta@verizon.net
Phone: 410-746-5031
City: Jupiter
Florida Certification Area(s): Special Education
Evaluation Method: Homeschool Mom to three boys specializing in special needs, unschooling and alternative learning methods. Evaluation is done through a review of portfolio or materials used, work samples or projects and discussion with parent and child.
Location: Palm Beach or Martin County
Rate: $40 for first child, discount for siblings

Nancy Free U
Email: nancymfree@gmail.com
Phone: 561-255-9356
City: Boca Raton
Florida Certification Area(s): Elem. Ed 1-6, 15 years experience teaching in a Christian school, currently teaching 1st grade, homeschooled for 13 years.
Evaluation Method: Relaxed interview with parent and child, review of portfolio and log. Location:Flexible
Location: Your home or public library
Rate: $35

Stephanie Gordon T
Email: Stephanie.Gordon@palmbeachschools.org
Phone: 561-818-4747
City: Tequesta
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6; ESOL Endorsed
Evaluation Method: Testing
Location: Flexible
Rate: $50/hour, $75.00 for 2 Hr. Session
Location: Jupiter/Tequesta

Rona Kantor TU
Email: Roka24@aol.com
Phone: (860) 463-4910
City: Boynton Beach
Education/Experience: 30 years high school English teacher from Connecticut. Specializing in literature and writing. Creative, engaging and patient. Teacher of the year award. Masters in Reading.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades 7-12 – English, Literature, Writing, History
Rate: $40 /sibling discount

Ashley Kelz U
email: ashley920@gmail.com
Phone: 561-305-2169
City: Boca Raton
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6
Evaluation Method: Interview with parent and child. Portfolio review.
Rate: $35

Carol King U S
email: JCFirstLove@aol.com
City: West Palm Beach
Phone: 561-784-0090
Florida Certification Area(s): My certificate is in Art K-12, I do evaluations in all subjects for all students K-12
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review, with parent present look through the year’s collection of educational activities and note the progress made commensurate with ability.
Rate: $40 for the first child, $5 sibling discounts. Will travel some to meet you if gas $ offered.

Cindy Knoess STTU
Email: Cindy@theacademiclink.com
Phone: 561-469-7533
City: West Palm Beach
Education/Experience: BA Christian Education; Progress in Masters of Education, Liberty University; Educational Therapist in the National Institute for Learning Development, NILD; Founder and Executive Director of The Academic Link, a homeschool learning center; 17 years private school teaching experience.
Rate: Annual Evaluation $40; WCJ-III $155; Private Standardized Testing $165; group testing available.

Stacey Lederberg US
Email: staceylynn36@gmail.com
Phone: (954) 366-5464
City: Boca Raton
Florida Certification Area(s): ESE K-12, Math 6-12, Math 5 – 9
Evaluation Method: Portfolio and Interview
Rate: 50.00 first child, 25 each additional

Jacqueline London TU
Email: jlondon827@gmail.com
Phone: 291-446-8516
City: Boynton Beach
Education/Experience: Bachelors of Science Degree, Pure and Applied Mathematics -2004, Math Teacher at Roxbury High School, Roxbury, NJ 2006-2015
tutor.com tutor, 2014-present
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math – 8th-12th grade, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, AP Calculus
Rate: $40/hr

Suzanne Luzadas TU
Email: sluzadas@yahoo.com
Phone: 561-573-5572
City: Boca Raton
Education/Experience: ESE teacher with 11 years of teaching experience and home schooled my own children. I have taught in elementary school, middle school and high school. My expertise lies in Reading and writing as well as social studies, elementary school math and science. I specialize in testing and evaluation, ADD/ADHD coping skills, and tutoring.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Elementary: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Common Core Curriculum; Middle/High School: Reading, Writing, Social Studies
Rate: $40-55 an hour

Ben Malley TU
Phone: 561-245-1181
City: Delray Beach
Education/Experience: Over fifteen years of experience assisting students ages 8 – 18 to achieve success in school & life. Certified teacher/ tutor with extensive postgraduate studies/work in education, psychology, and mentoring.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All levels (K-12th ) of English, Math, Physical Science, and Social Science. FLVS, PBVS, ESL/ESOL, Student Athletes, SAT/ACT prep.
Rate: $50/hr with discounts for long-term clients

Linda Marenus TU
Email: linda@chemistrystar.com
Phone: 561-235-2351
City: Boca Raton
Education/Experience: M.S., Organic Chemistry; B.A., Biochemistry. I have 18 years of experience in science. I have taught the levels of Regular, Honors, and Advanced Placement Chemistry for 14 years.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Chemistry (Grades 9-12)
Rate: $70/hr (Inquire regarding rates for multiple students, group sessions, and other discounts)

Shannon Mirabal TU
Email: shannon.mirabal@palmbeachschools.org
Phone: 561-248-3453
City: Jupiter
Florida Certification Area(s): Certified K-6
Education/Experience: I have a Master of Education: Curriculum and Instruction. I have endorsements in Gifted and ESOL and certified to teach grades K-6.
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-6
Location: Flexible
Rate: $50/hour

Jacqueline Nadler TU
Email: Jmn2647@att.net
Phone: 561-889-6482
City: Jupiter
Education/Experience: Math certified 6-9, Masters in SLD. I have taught everything from elementary school thru High School. I am highly qualified In the State of Florida. Currently teach Geometry and Pre Alg.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math (elementary through Algebra 2), including ESE
Rate: 50-60 per hr

Kim Nemeth, M.Ed T
Phone: 561-866-4177
email: nemethg@bellsouth.net
B.A. Elementary Education, M.Ed. Early Childhood Education. Twenty years experience as a home-school mom, seven years experience in a traditional classroom, and three years serving as a teacher for a home-school distance learning program.
Evaluates grades K – 12
Evaluation style: Portfolio Evaluation, including curriculum counseling. Standardized testing (IOWA) administered in April. Please call or email in February to register. Private standardized testing also available (Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) or IOWA Test of Basic Skills).
Location: Portfolio evaluations done in my home, Boca Raton, FL .
Rate: Portfolio evaluations: $60 first child, $25 second child, $5 each additional child. Fee is adjustable as needed. Standardized testing: $75 first child, $10 discount for each additional child. Private testing rate: TBD

Jay Osowiecki UT
Email: scientasticinstitute@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 459-1724
City: Wellington
Florida Certification Area(s): General Science
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Testing,Interview
Location of Evaluations: OutSide the Box Education
Rate: $35

Kasey Phillips USTTU
Email: kaseynichole84@gmail.com
Phone: 561-402-6148
City: West Palm Beach
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6th state certification, ESE endorsement, currently working on Speech Therapy degree
Evaluation method: Portfolio review
Tutoring: Algebra, Elementary Math, Spanish on Florida Virtual, Reading, and Writing.
Rate: Evaluations are $30 for one child & $50 for 2 children, $65 for three children; Tutoring: $45-$55 depending on subject level.

Julie Roettenbacher TU
Email: julieannr@live.com
Phone: 319-558-8851
City: Delray Beach
Education/Experience: Two years teaching experience, ESE Certified K-6
Subjects and Grade Levels: Elementary K-6
Rate: $40

Christina Seamster UST
Email: cseamster11@gmail.com
Phone: 561-406-8737
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education (K-6), Exceptional Student Education (K-12), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL K-12), Educational Leadership (All Levels), Gifted Endorsement, Reading Endorsement
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review, Discussion with student, Reading inventory assessment, Math standards based assessment
Location of Evaluations: Wellington
Rate: $40

Deanna Tocco TU
Email: toccodeanna@gmail.com
Phone: 845-825-7944
City: West Palm Beach
Education/Experience: Certified Florida Teacher, Previous classroom teacher, Bachelors in Education, Certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education ESOL and Reading Endorsement
Subjects and Grade Levels: Age 3 through grade 6, All subjects
Rate: $20

Sarah Toosarvandani TU
Email: toosarsd@gmail.com
Phone: 703-606-9205
City: Delray Beach
Education/Experience: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, James Madison University, 2007, Certified in Mathematics 6-12 in the state of Florida,
Taught high school mathematics for 7 years, Tutored middle and high school students in mathematics for 5 years.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All level of mathematics Grades 6-12
Rate: $40

Cheryl Trzasko US
email: chavivah@yahoo.com
Location: Wellington
Phone: 561-798-3842
Florida Certification Area(s): mathematics (5-9) and (6-12) but have taught and tutored from k-12 in all subjects
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluations. A homeschooling mom who was homeschooled for part of childhood. Have evaluated children at all levels (k-12, including special needs), all styles (including unschooling), in-person and virtual evaluations
Rate: $30 for one child if you come to me; $10 each additional child; additional charge ($10) for long-distance evaluations (such as Skype)

Nina Wilson USTTU
Email: nina_wilson7@yahoo.com
Phone: (561) 309-4722
City: Lake Worth
Florida Certification Area(s): English 6-12; Reading, ESE, ESOL Endorsed; AP Certified
Evaluation Method: Portfolio eval.; administering Seton Testing and tutoring (i.e. IOWA, TerraNova); tutoring for PSAT, SAT, PERT, and AP tests.
Location: Student home/Library
Rate: $35 Portfolio Eval; $45 Testing; Sibling Discount

Dorothy Zablotsky, M.S. T
email: Mrs_z@bellsouth.net
Phone: 561-734-3321
Certification in: Gifted and Talented; Reading; ESOL; Elementary Education
Years of teaching: 20
Present occupation: Retired, Tutor and FAU instructor for Remediation in Reading #RED 4311. Present tutoring students are from Congress, St. Vincents, St. Marks, and Banyan Creek.
Evaluation Style: find out what goals the parents set at the beginning of the year, look for improvement in each subject area of the portfolio, offer suggestions for improvement on weaknesses and activities to enrich the strengths. Can administer the Informal Reading Inventory to find problem areas of vocabulary, decoding skills, and comprehension.
Rate: $40 per session for each evaluation; $70 for testing
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Kristin BroughtonUSTU
Email: krisb315@aol.com
Phone: 727-967-1002
City: Trinity
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6, Math 6-12, ESOL Endorsed
Evaluation Method: Work Portfolio & one-on-one assessment
Tutoring: K-6, all subjects; 6-12, math only.
Rate: Evaluations, including all necessary paperwork, are $50 in your home or location of choice (sibling discount available). Tutoring is available for $50 per hour at Morningstar Tutoring in Land O’ Lakes, FL

Kathleen Casper U
Email: SynchronyLC@yahoo.com
Phone: (727) 710-6174
City: Port Richey
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary K-5, PreK-3, Gifted and Talented, Social studies, English
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation for homeschoolers or unschoolers.
Location: Pasco and surrounding
Rate: $65 first sibling, $50 each other sibling

Lisa Dunne U
Email: Lisa7Dunne@yahoo.com
Phone: (813) 787-5797
City: Wesley Chapel
Florida Certification Area(s): Secondary English Education 6-12/ ESOL Endorsement
Evaluation Method: PORTFOLIO REVIEWS AT THE FARM!!! I am currently a homeschooling mother of 7 and have also taught in the public school system, tutored, and advised. I aim to provide flexible, stress-free options to you and your family as you have your portfolio(s) looked over in my home. Feel free to visit our little suburban farm afterwards if you’d like. Portfolio Reviews & one-on-one discussion. References available upon request.
Rate: $35 in my home ($5 Sibling Discount after the 2nd evaluation)

Lynda Miller UST
Email: lself@pasco.k12.fl.us
Phone: (813) 312-4376
City: Zephyrhills
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education/ESOL
Evaluation Method: Portfolio, Standardized testing, one-on-one evaluation
Rate: $35.00 first child, $25.00 each additional child. Can meet in designated area, my house or yours 🙂
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Christine Simonds UT
Email: csimonds@pasco.k12.fl.us
Phone: (813) 363-3096
City: San Antonio
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6, ESOL Endorsed
Evaluation Method: Portfolio/sample review
Location of Evaluations: Can meet at a designated area, my home or yours.
Rate: $25: 1st child, $20: 2nd child, 15: $3rd child (Children MUST be immediate siblings…discounts available for 4th or more children)

Kenny Tudor
Email: ktudor1301@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 410-8058
City: Wesley Chapel
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review
Location of Evaluations: Pasco County
Rate: $30


Laurie Anspach TU
Email: lanspach1@tampabay.rr.com
Phone: (727) 488-9732
City: Clearwater
Education/Experience: Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. New York City and European fabric designer, wedding dress designer and daywear. Award winning oil painter, member of Oil Painters of America. 20+ years experience teaching drawing, painting, fashion design.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Drawing, painting (oil & watercolor), portraits, fashion design, drafting of garment patterns, sewing, at beginner to advanced levels for all ages.
Rate: $40/hour (discounts at packages of 6 or more classes)

Paul Baer TU
Email: Paul.Baer@mac.com
Phone: 801/230-7230
City: Dunedin
Education/Experience: PhD University of California, Berkeley, Energy and Resources Group 2005
MS Louisiana State University, Environmental Planning and Management 1999
BA Stanford University, Economics, With Distinction 1984
Subjects and Grade Levels: Middle school through college level math (Algebra through Statistics), government, economics,and political science.
Rate: 45-95, discounts for siblings and multiple subjects

Jennifer Belknap UST
Email: Cherrylolly2001@yahoo.com
Phone: 727-230-1646
City: Clearwater
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary education
Evaluation Method: Work samples, book lists and projects
Rate: $35 1 child, $55 2 children, $75 3 children, $50 WRAT testing

Lisa Burns T
Email: chiliburns@msn.com
Phone: (720) 427-7034
City: St Petersburg
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review, including list of books read, an educational plan that is dated- lesson plans, calendar or similar item, and work samples that show the student’s progress.
Testing Offered: ITBS (IOWA) Testing
Location of Evaluations: Flexible
Rate: $40 for Evaluation / $120 for testing

Kathy Carley
Email: kcarley@verizon.net
Phone: (727) 743-2014
City: Clearwater
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Ed; Reading K-12
Evaluation Method: Work Samples, Projects, Portfolio
Certified Orton-Gillingham tutor specifically helping students with Dyslexia and other reading difficulties. I specialize in phonics and phonemic awareness in the elementary level and tutor in reading (comprehension), writing and math.
Location of Evaluations: home or library
Rate: $40.00

Jennifer Connell-Wandstrat TU
Email: jlc4773@tampabay.rr.com
Phone: 727-365-1087
City: St. Petersburg
Education/Experience: AA degree in English, BS in Elementary Education.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All subjects grades K-9. English, Reading, Literature, History, Algebra for high school students. Test Preparation for the ACT and SAT.
Rate: $32 an hour

Dorene Daughtry T
Email: Dorenedaughtry@gmail.com
Phone: (727) 424-7342
City: Seminole
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood, Primary, Elementary
Evaluation Method: Portfolios, IOWA Testing
Rate: 50.00

Karin Doyle STTU
Email: karing119@verizon.net
Phone: (727) 656-9278
City: Seminole
Florida Certification Area(s): PreK-Primary
Evaluation Method: Portfolio, Stanford testing, IOWA testing
Tutoring: Grades Pre-K through 5th Grade. I specialize in phonics and phonemic awareness in the Pre-K/K level, and tutor in reading, writing and math.
Location: home or library
Rate: $40.00

Rebeca Gallegos
Email: tampagallegos@gmail.com
Phone: (727) 204-7125
City: Pinellas Park
Florida Certification Area(s): Exceptional Student Education, Spanish
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Review,Interview
Location of Evaluations: Student’s home, public library, public casual restaurant of your choice
Rate: 25.00 + .40/mileage after first 10 miles from my home

Veronica Han-G Deakins UTU
Email: Director@legacytutoringcenter.com
Phone: (727) 437-8387
City: Dunedin
Education/Experience: I have over 13 years in the classroom with middle school students and have been a K-8 School Principal. My certification is Math 5-9 and Educational Leadership K-12.
Subjects and Grade Levels: I specialize in PreK-12 Reading, Math, Science, ACT/SAT/PERT testing. Adult learners welcome.
Rate: 40 tutoring, 30 evaluations

Loraine MaterassoUST
Email: materasso@outlook.com
Phone: (727) 560-4509
City: St Petersburg
Florida Certification Area(s): BS K-12 Exceptional Student Education, Certification K-6 General Education, ESOL Endorsement
Evaluation Method: Testing (KTEA 3) or Portfolio review.
Location of Evaluations: Pinellas County
Rate: $50 testing, $25 portfolio review

Flora McAllister TU
Email: maisiemcallister@yahoo.com
Phone: 727-793-4920
City: Palm Harbor
Education/Experience: B.S.Ed. University of South Florida.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Certified to teach ESE students in grades K-12; Certified in General Science Grades 5-9; Integrated Middle School curriculum Grades 5-9.
Rate: $25-$30 per hour

Chanedra Mells TU
Email: chanedra.mells@gmail.com
Phone: 813-444-8329
City: St. Petersburg
Education/Experience: 15+ years tutoring experience with all grade levels from elementary school through college; 5 years teaching experience; Certification in Mathematics (grades 6-12)
Subjects and Grade Levels: Mathematics (grades 6-12); Dual enrollment/college mathematics courses up to Calculus
Rate: $40/hour (discounts offered for siblings and group sessions)

Marlena Morrison UTTU
Email: themathtable@gmail.com
Phone: (727) 215-3382
City: St. Petersburg
Florida Certification Area(s): Mathematics (6-12)
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Reviews, IOWA and SAT10 testing for all levels.
Location of Evaluations: Pinellas County; In home, public place or I have classroom access at a church
Rate: Portfolio Review $50, Testing starts at $120. Group rates available.

Cynthia Perkins U
Email: cin4teach3@msn.com
Phone: (727) 384-9323
City: St. Petersburg
Florida Certification Area(s): English 6-12 Mathematics 5-9
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review and work samples, discussion with parents and students over the phone.
Location of Evaluations: online, email, phone
Rate: $25 for the first child and $20 for each additional child

Laurie Waldron U S
Email: lauriewaldron621@gmail.com
Phone: (727) 418-4701
City: Seminole/Largo
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary w/ ESOL Endorcement
Evaluation Method: I prefer to do a Portfolio type evaluation, and I use the Pinellas County Schools Home Education Evaluation form. Through discussion with the student and parent(s) as well as a portfolio, I am able to sign off on the district’s form with confidence.
Location of Evaluations: Your home or lbrary
Rate: $35 w/sibling rate of $25ea.

Jennifer Young TU
Email: Jen@Seeds-of-Knowledge.com
Phone: 727-418-4281
City: Palm Harbor
Education/Experience: Full-time tutor since 2010. Previous classroom teacher for 15+ years. BS in Education from University of Cincinnati, and was certified as a teacher in Ohio. I also hold a teaching credential for Elementary I & II (ages 6-12) from the American Montessori Society.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math, elem through geometry and algebra 2; English all levels/ages; Test Prep; Science, biology and chemistry.
Rate: $30-45/hr, depending on length of session and type of payment plan selected

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Doug Benner TU
Email: douglasrbenner@yahoo.com
Phone: (727)543-3461
City: Davenport
Education/Experience: 14 years teaching experience, including 5 years special education and 8 years tutoring experience, mostly writing and math. Bachelor’s degree in history, social studies, and education.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Elementary and middle school, all subjects. High school social studies and English.
Rate: $15/hour

Darlene Burkey TU
Email: dburkey.training@yahoo.com
Phone: 863-709-3316
City: Lakeland
Education/Experience: AAS early childhood education. 15 years experience working with children from birth through grade 5. 2 years SES tutoring in Polk county. 3 years as director of childcare facility.
Subjects and Grade Levels: reading and math grades preschool through grade 5
Rate: $12.00 per hour

Duannieh Cruz TU
Email: duanniehc@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 508-5672
City: kissimmee
Education/Experience: I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education K-6. I have worked with students with special education. My areas of focus are Math and Science. I have done tutoring for grades 3-5 for test prep. Bilingual.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math and Science- 3-5 grades
All subjects- 2nd grade, Main focus has been 3rd grade test prep for students in Math and Reading.
Rate: 20$ for half hour 35$ -an hour.

Maria Dryna TU
Email: mjdryna@gmail.com
Phone: 863-513-4423
City: Lakeland
Education/Experience: BA Psychology, MS (2017) Special Education, 3 years private tutoring K-6, 4 years Florida Virtual School facilitator,
4 years substitute teacher PK-5, 10 years Special Education Health & Rehabilitation Center
Rate: $20

Samantha Eason U
Email: eason.samantha@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 925-7140
City: Lakeland
Florida Certification Area(s): Art K-12
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation. I offer two options of portfolio evaluations – In person and cyber evaluations. I look at the portfolio which should include a log of reading materials, classwork samples that show growth and any curriculum items you’d like to show me. I also have a brief discussion with the student to go over the coursework from that year. I hold a Masters in Education degree and continue to take college level coursework for professional development. I am very easy going, unschooling friendly and offer quick evaluations on county forms or our own evaluation forms for you to submit to your school board. I am certified to evaluate in all Florida Counties!
Location of Evaluations: Flexible
Rate: 30

Kathy Hockenberry
Email: syvertsen100@yahoo.com
Phone: (863) 604-8449
City: Lakeland
Florida Certification Area(s): English
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Evaluation
Parent and student(s) come to my home in central Lakeland where I look through your portfolio. By law, I am to see 3 items specifically: list of books read, a dated educational plan (calendar, lesson plans, list with dates, etc.), and samples of work that show progress. This is a show and tell time for your student to highlight any areas of work that he/she would like me to see. I ask questions to the student to involve them in the process. I also avail myself to any questions or concerns about homeschooling and curriculum.
Location: Lakeland, FL
Rate: $25

Valerie Reeder
Email: reedermv@aol.com
Phone: (863) 665-7470
City: Lakeland
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6
Evaluation Method: Portfolio
Location of Evaluations: Flexible
Rate: $25

Tera Sacco TU
Email: terasacco11@gmail.com
Phone: 407-655-875
City: Davenport
Education/Experience: Degree in Marine Biology, and my Florida Teaching Certification. Three years teaching middle school science.
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-8 reading, K-5 math, K-8 science, Biology
Rate: 20.00

Viola Spencer TU
Email: scamellia@aol.com
Phone: 863 644 8345
City: Lakeland
Education/Experience: Piano, voice, theory, recorder, trombone instruction. BME in music education, MS in guidance counseling. National and FL certification in piano and theory instruction. Private music studio for over 25 years.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Grades 1-adult
Rate: $25.00 per 40 minutes

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Lory Denney S T
Email: lldenney@windstream.net
Phone: 386-684-3127
City: Interlachen
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education
Evaluation Method: I do portfolio evaluations, Brigance testing, and Standardized Testing (C.A.T., S.A.T., Iowa). I taught in the Public School system for 13 years and in a Private school for 1 1/2 years. I have been home schooling for the last 7 years.
Rate: Starting at $30. Multiple sibling discount available

Jamila Theobold U S
Email: jktheobold@gmail.com
Phone: (352) 283-1923
City: Palatka
Florida Certification Area(s): Guidance and Counseling
Evaluation Method: Portfolio reviews as well as guidance in your child’s developmental and academic progression plan.
Location: Office, Library
Rate: $35

Saint Johns

Ryan Doan TU
Email: ryanbdoan@gmail.com
Phone: 904-710-3772
City: Saint Augustine
Education/Experience: Bachelor Degree Math Education, Master Degree Curriculum and Instruction. FL Certified in Math – Grades 5-12, I’ve been teaching for 15 years and am also a former Math Coach and District Math Specialist.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Test Prep (content for the ACT, SAT, and PERT exams). I am very comfortable with End-of-Course exam material and new Common Core methods.
Rate: $35 – Pre Algebra and Middle Grades Math; $40 – Algebra I, Geometry, and Test Prep

Kathryn Paton UST
Email: kzpfirefly@yahoo.com
Phone: (904) 599-8332
City: Saint Augustine
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Ed 1-6
Evaluation Specialties: Unschooling friendly,Special needs evaluator,Testing available
Evaluation Method: I can administer standardized tests to an individual student, or in a group setting such as a couple of siblings or a co-op. I also do portfolio evaluations.
Location: Saint Johns, Putnam, Flagler counties
Rate: $40. family discounts available

Ginger Baker Sanhueza U S T
Email: floridaevalgal@gmail.com
Phone: (904) 834-1427
City: St. Augustine
Florida Certification Area(s): Spanish K-12
Evaluation Method: I look for student engagement and growth. I love to hear about what interests them and how they go about their learning experience.
Location of Evaluations: Local (in-person) or Virtually
Rate: $45; $10 each additional student

Francesca Taylor TU
Email: Ftaylor@mobilemathcoach.com
Phone: 904-434-5876
City: St John’s/Nocatee
Education/Experience: Full-time and private in-home mathematics tutor in St John’s county Florida for over 8 years. I hold a Masters degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and have over 20 years of tutoring, test preparation and skill building experience. I love to make math fun!!
Subjects and Grade Levels: Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, SAT/ACT test prep, End of Course test prep
Rate: 60-75 per hour

Saint Lucie

Dulce Juan U TU
Email: Ladulchevita@hotmail.com
Phone: (772) 708-5566
City: Port St. Lucie
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 with Esol endorsement
Evaluation Method: I evaluate your child’s/children’s work based on grade appropriate mastery. I will speak to them about how their school year has been.
Location of Evaluations: Any library in Port St. Lucie , Jensen, or Stuart
Rate: $35 evaluation, $40 tutoring

Carol Hanson UTTU
Email: carolnboca@yahoo.com
Phone: (561) 866-0779
City: Port St. Lucie
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Grades 1-6, Early Childhood
Evaluation Method: Low key evaluation in which I will examine your child’s portfolio sample lessons, curriculum used, pictures and speak to you and your child about your year. Call me and we can meet in a location that works for both of us, I like the Morningside Public Library. I also offer tutoring in Reading/Phonics/writing.
Location: Martin/St.Lucie County
Rate: $35 per child for evaluation, $35/hour tutoring

Santa Rosa

Rebecca Gerard USTU
Email: rdippel@hotmail.com
Phone: 907-232-8508
City: Navarre
Florida Certification Area(s): elementary
Subjects and Areas: Elementary reading and writing.
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review
Location: Navarre home, library, local park
Rate: $30 with sibling discounts

Tina Morton UTTU
Email: tmorton861959@gmail.com
Phone: 850-994-3656
City: Pace
Education/Experience: BA: SLD, Elementary Ed/Gr 1-6, SLD/Gr K-12
25 years experience as private tutor & home school evaluator
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-3, Language Arts; K-5, Math
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluation
Location: Her home
Rate: $20/30 min, $30/45 min

Michelle Owen US
Email: smowen1998@gmail.com
Phone: (850) 449-2117
City: Milton
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review
Location of Evaluations: FL Panhandle
Rate: $20

JoAn Stead US
Email: joanstead@yahoo.com
Phone: 850-723-4151
City: Pensacola
Florida Certification Area(s): Elem. Ed
Evaluation Method: Discussion with student and parent(s).
Rate: $50 ( discounts avail)


Rita Brooks TU
Email: ursula41172@gmail.com
Phone: 941-961-7193
City: Venice
Education/Experience: B.A. English, French, University of Miami. ESOL Certification, Nova Southeasten University. Taught 7th and 8th grade Language Arts/English
Subjects and Grade Levels: Language Arts, all grade levels
Rate: $40/hr.

Jennifer Dean TU
Email: easinglearning@gmail.com
Phone: 360-296-9316
City: Sarasota
Education/Experience: Washington State University – 2008 – Bachelor Degree in Psychology/Certificate in Helping Skills, Master Degree in Education
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math, Algebra, Science, Biology, Psychology, Language Arts, English, ESL, Special Needs, Special Ed, ADHD, Study Skills, Test-Exam Preparation, SAT/ACT/GRE, Reading, Technical Writing, Composition, Comprehension, Grammar, Essay Writing, and Assessment of Elementary & High School Students
Rate: $30/hr plus $0.50 for every mile traveled over 15 miles round trip

Heather Estelle TTU
Email: heather@heatherestelle.com
Phone: 941-713-0894
City: Sarasota
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education
Evaluation Method: Portfolio evaluations with optional diagnostic testing in math and reading, mid-year evaluations, and private tutoring by individual session or subject area.
Location: Bradenton/Sarasota or online
Rate: $30 – $70/hour, depending on service

Kathryn Ledford UST
Email: kledford01@gmail.com
Phone: (252) 367-6405
City: Sarasota
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review showing any evidence of educational growth throughout the year (e.g., progress reports from online courses, workbooks, reading logs, writing samples, experience/field trip logs). After reviewing the portfolio, I speak with the parent (and the child, where appropriate) to answer any questions that I may have and to get a feel for the child’s experiences and progress through the year. When requested, I assist the parent in developing goals for the next year.
Location of Evaluations: At my home, student’shome, library or online/phone
Rate: $25 + travel, where applicable

Kate Thomas TU
Email: ktacindy@gmail.com
Phone: 941-600-8569
City: Venice
Education/Experience: BS Rice University, MS University of Texas at Dallas
Subjects and Grade Levels: K-12 Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Test Prep
Rate: $30


Jodi Campbell ST
Email: jolycam@aol.com
Phone: (407) 310-8946
City: Sanford
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood, Elementary, Graduate work with Special Needs
Evaluation Method: I use a standardized test that let’s you know grade level, strengths, weaknesses and recommendations as you walk out the door. I test prek-12th grade. I am a homeschool mom that has done this since 1990 throughout the state. I also do curriculum consultations.
Rate: $35-$65.00 depending on service.

Candace Jackson TU
Email: tutorme@thepointypencil.com
Phone: 407-797-8516
City: Geneva
Education/Experience: Attended Florida A&M University and the University of Central Florida, graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. After teaching for 5 years, returned to school to earn my M.B.A., specializing in accounting.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All Elementary Subjects K-6, Middle and High School, ACT/SAT Prep
Rate: 45

Beth Johnson
Email: johnsonbethb@gmail.com
Phone: 407-739-3382
City: Winter Springs
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary K-6th
Evaluation Method: I will conduct an informal portfolio evaluation including a review of your child’s work, a relaxed interview with you and your child, and a short reading assessment. I will also provide consultation and recommendations throughout the evaluation, which I can email to you upon request after we meet. I typically meet families at a public library.
Location: Flexible
Rate: $45 for the first child, $30 for each additional sibling

Elba Martinez S T
Email: emartin81659@yahoo.com
Phone: 407-450-9947
City: Altamonte Springs
Florida Certification Area(s): Elem- K-6/ Foreign Lang- Spanish k-12
Evaluation Method: Meeting for parents, then go over for the child needs, (School Transcripts or records).
Testing-Pre-Test in Reading Fluency, Comprehension and Language. Same in Math/ Science/ Social Studies. Set Up Portfolios, and the requirements for Home schooling Department. Willing to travel.
Location: Altamonte Springs
Rate: $40/hour

Tiffany Minto TU
Phone: (347) 873-8799
City: Maitland
Education/Experience: BA Psychology, Ed.S School Psychology, Tutoring, Mentoring Teaching 7+ years. Pre-test/Post-test Assessments,
Lesson planning, Virtual school tutoring, ADHD, Aspergers/Autism, Dyslexia, Auditory Delay, Cognitive Delay, Behavior Analyst Assistant
CPR AED certified
Subjects and Grade Levels: ESL, Elementary math, Elementary Science, Elementary English, Essay Writing, Literature, Reading Comprehension,
Algebra 1, Geometry, Trigonometry, Earth Science, Biology, Intro to Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Rate: 25

Jade Patterson TU
Email: jadepatterson7@gmail.com
Phone: 8189266183
City: Sanford
Education/Experience: B.A. in Psychology, 10 years teaching experience. I currently work with students that are homeschooled or tutor students that attend public schools. I have experience working with those that have ADD, ADHD, and Autism. I have worked with students that were in danger of failing reading and math. I have also worked with gifted students that are not doing well in school due to a lack of study skills.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Elementary Reading and Math(K-6th), Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonics, and Study Skills.
Rate: $45

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Victoria Douglas
Email: teacher0828@hotmail.com
Phone: (352) 843-4734
City: Oxford
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education K-6, ESOL K-12, Reading K-12
Evaluation Method: Portfolio Evaluation will include viewing educational activities and reading/math materials used. Evaluation will include evidence of work samples such as writings, worksheets, workbooks and or creative materials generated by the student. Evaluation will include evidence of student progress by observation of work samples submitted from the beginning of the year, midyear, and end of the year as evidence of student growth.
Location: Public library closest to student’s home.
Rate: $35.00 for 1st student, and $15.00 for each additional sibling.


Melody Scott UST
Email: melody@cheekandscott.com
Phone: (386) 590-0912
City: Live Oak
Florida Certification Area(s): English 6-12
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review and interview of students are my primary means of evaluation.
Rate: Portfolio Reviews: $25 per student


Pamela Barnes TU
Email: pamelabarnes1002@gmail.com
Phone: 386-383-8017
City: Orange City
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary Education (K-6), ESOL Endorsement, Reading Endorsement
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review and one-on-one interview for your student(s). I can also administer standardized tests.
Tutoring: K-5
Location: Your home, my home, library
Rate: $25/hr. for portfolio review; $35/hr. for testing

Amanda Cerda UT
Email: acerda13@yahoo.com
Phone: 330-268-3956
City: Ormond Beach
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6
Evaluation Method: Portfolio or Standardized Tests. I can perform portfolio assessments in every FL county in person, by Skype, or by mail. I can perform standardized test assessments in Flagler, Volusia, or St. Johns counties.
Rate: starting at $30

Mary Ellen Freeman TU
Email: maryellenfreeman13@gmail.com
Phone: 917-736-7059
City: Deltona
Education/Experience: Experienced math teacher from upper elementary through HS Algebra 2.
I will identify the best ways to help your child learn math at their level in a way that makes sense to them, filling gaps, and advancing when possible.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math grades 4-8, HS Algebra 1 & 2, HS Geometry
Rate: $40/hour



Tonya Anderson US
Email: jamesandtonya@yahoo.com
Phone: (850) 615-3568
City: Chipley
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 Elementary
Evaluation Method: I evaluate using portfolios and samples of student work from throughout the school year. This can be done face to face, via Skype, or via mail.
Rate: $25 (sibling discounts offered)


Stacey Dezard TU
Email: mrsdezard@yahoo.com
Phone: 561-729-1541
City: West Palm Beach
Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I have experience working in a Private School. I tutor kids of all ages.
Subjects and Grade Levels: Math – all levels
Rate: $30-65

Sandy Drexler US
Email: sdrexler604@gmail.com
Phone: 352-376-4853
Florida Certification Area(s): elementary, and math 6-12
Evaluation Method: Email samples from the child’s portfolio.
Rate: $75.

Carleen Galiardo
Email: Carleensforgiven@earthlink.net
Phone: (727) 692-6596
City: St. Pete Beach
Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood/Elementary/ESOL
Evaluation Method: Portfolio review
Location of Evaluations: online
Rate: $25 ($50 for FLVS)

Sarah Glass US
Email: sarah9509@gmail.com
Phone: (317) 523-7431
City: St. Cloud
Florida Certification Area(s): k-6, 6-12 business
Evaluation Method: Parents will present school work which shows progress according to the child’s abilities.
Location: St Cloud library, skype
Rate: $25 for half an hour session, $50 for an hour.

Terri Hedrick US
Email: Terri@homeschoolinflorida.com
Phone: (352) 516-7246
City: Umatilla
Florida Certification Area(s): Elementary 1-6, English 6-12
Evaluation Method: Convenient online portfolio review and brief discussion with student via Skype or phone.
Location of Evaluations: Online
Rate: $45 Siblings are $30

Nicole Korolevich TU
Email: nicolekorolevich@gmail.com
Phone: (239) 734-1118
City: Wellington
Education/Experience: Homeschooled 5th-12th grade. Double major in Creative Writing/English and Religion from Florida State University. – Published writer for several online publications. Taught, assisted and tutored K-8 at a school for 1 year. Privately as needed.
Subjects and Grade Levels: All forms of writing – poetry, fiction, essay, article, etc. – English, grammar, editing, proofreading, vocabulary, literature, reading, handwriting, rhetoric, online, religious studies and history.
Other areas of study -K-6th.
Rate: 40

Michelle Robinson US
Email: rosasr20@msn.com
Phone: (813) 545-3327
City: Wesley Chapel
Florida Certification Area(s): Special Education K-12, Secondary Math (grade 5-9)
Evaluation Method: I review students’ work (just a few samples for each subject from the beginning, middle and end of the school year). No testing and no interviews!
Location: Online
Rate: $25 1st child, $20 2nd, $15 3rd, $10 4th, $5 5th, no charge 6th or more

Marie Scicchitano U
Email: mariescicchitano@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 417-7461
City: Tampa
Florida Certification Area(s): Biology 6-12
Evaluation Method: Homeschooling mom of 5 with over 10 years of teaching experience both online and in a classroom. Evaluations through portfolio reviews and interviews offered for grades K-12. Evaluation can be in my home or at location of your choice. Cyber evaluations available via multiple methods.
Location: Virtual
Rate: $35.00 first child. Group discounts available.
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Karen Smith U S
email: ksmith7175@yahoo.com
Phone: 850-656-9251
Florida Certification Area(s): English (5-9)
Evaluation Method: As a certified teacher and former homeschool mom, I do portfolio evaluations the easy way by mail or email. No face-to-face meeting required.
Rate: $25.00

Taraneh Smith US
Email: taranehsmith@aol.com
Phone: 352-226-5667
Florida Certification Area(s): K-6 and ESE K-12, ESOL and Reading
Evaluation Method: Low key evaluations in which I will look at your child or children’s portfolio sample lessons, curriculum used, pictures, blog, and speak to you and your child about your year. I have a passion for autism as my brother is autistic and 29 years old and its all I have ever known 🙂 Call me and we can get to know each other better and we can meet in a location that works for both of us.
Location: online, phone.
Rate: $40 first child, $30 sibling