Choosing a Homeschool Umbrella School

Each homeschool Umbrella school has a unique personality, as well as its own procedures and requirements that enrolled families must follow. (Keep in mind that homeschool Umbrella schools are private schools, and some procedures are mandated by the state, while others are at the discretion of the school.) Some factors you may want to take into consideration when selecting a private school with a homeschooling option include:

Curriculum – Some homeschool Umbrella schools require a certain curriculum, while others let you select materials yourself. Do you feel stifled? Left hanging? Just right?

Advice and Support – When you contact the Umbrella school do you receive a timely response? Is the school knowledgeable about homeschooling and helpful to you?

Educational Freedom – Are there certain courses you must teach and, if so, are these courses you believe will enhance your children’s education?

Educational or Religious Philosophy – Is the school’s educational and religious philosophy consistent with yours? Will your educational choices, lifestyle and belief system be tolerated, supported or frowned upon?

Record keeping – What type of reporting is required from you and on what frequency? Can you visualize yourself having an easy (or difficult) time complying?

Grades/Transcripts/Diploma – If these options matter to you, make sure the school you are considering offers them!

And More! – If there are issues that are important to your family, be sure to discuss them with school personnel before you enroll.

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