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We received this message from Jerry Reynolds at Reynolds Math and thought it might interest many of you.

Hello, Fellow Homeschooler!

Reynolds Math is a new site available to anyone who is looking for some of the best math resources out there on the web. Though far from complete, you may find it to be a great alternative to simply searching the entire internet yourself for help when your child just “doesn’t get it”.

So check out what we have – videos, games, interactive learning sites – and see what you think.

And most importantly – the Contact Page. Let us know if what we have available is helpful in your child’s math journey. And if you want to see something specific, let us know, and we will work hard to find some good resources. And if you know of some great sites that you think will help others, let us know that as well – we will check them out and you might see them the next time you visit the site, feeling good that you have helped others with their math.

At the present time, Reynolds Math is free and we encourage you to share it with your friends and family – home schooled, private schooled, or public schooled.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoy the site!

The Reynolds Math Team

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