Jun 082012

In my china closet I have eight small containers of sand art that my son created while attending various state fairs and carnivals. The containers vary from a baseball form to a thin-necked jar to a cylindrical jar. The sand is layered in many colors from bright red to violet to blue and green. They […]

May 212012

Coloring is an activity a child can do to improve fine motor skills and learn about many things. You can give your child crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels, or water colors. A coloring page can be a teaching device so children can learn numbers, letters, and words. Instead of buying a coloring book, why not […]

Mar 262012

Preschool-aged children love to play with worms (at least my boys do!). You can turn their curiosity with worms into a science project with just a few items from your house and garden. Here is what you’ll need: Empty two-liter pop bottle Exacto knife Dirt Small shovel Sand Grass clippings Kitchen compost (apple peelings, etc.) […]