Coloring Fun

Coloring is an activity a child can do to improve fine motor skills and learn about many things. You can give your child crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels, or water colors. A coloring page can be a teaching device so children can learn numbers, letters, and words. Instead of buying a coloring book, why not print your own? All you need is a computer, printer, and access to the Internet.

For a whole host of different coloring pages, look at Coloring Pages Online. They have a wide variety of coloring book pages, organized by theme. Another thematic resource, Free Coloring Pages, which offers many sports-relatd themes along with other printable activities and an online coloring tool.

The Mom’s Who Think website has alphabet pages too. You can print a page and work with your child to color the letters, the associated animals and fruits and vegetables. As your child colors, you can teach him or her all the letters from A (Alligator and Apple) TO Z (zebra.)

Would your child like to make a puzzle? Crayola’s coloring website is the one for you. Print out a pre-formed puzzle on card stock. Your child can then make a picture on the blank puzzle and color it in before cutting it out. This could be a fun project for birthday parties. This website also has lots of crafts and fun things to do.

If you’re looking for holiday or character coloring pages then Coloring Book Fun is the website for you. It’s filled with many fun characters like Curious George, Nemo and the loveable but always hungry Cookie Monster.

Coloring Pages for Boys offers many themes in traditional boy activities, including cars, sports, and military, among others. There’s no reason why girls wouldn’t enjoy many of these pages, too. But if girls need their own site, there is Coloring Pages for Girls, which features many Disney characters, Hello Kitty, and some movie personas.

Preschoolers — an enthusiastic group when it comes to coloring — may enjoy the wide variety of pages available at TSLBooks

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