College Preparation Tips for Homeschoolers

How to Document your Accomplishments:

Resume Preparation
Every student needs a resume. Include Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, Education, Distinctions/Awards, Extracurricular Activities, Community Service Activities, Employment, Interests and Activities. Use action words in your resume.

Standardized Test Preparation
It is never too early to prepare for Standardized Tests. Students who receive high scores have spent a lot of time reading, writing, and doing math problems. These exams help Homeschoolers prove their abilities and potential.

The PSAT/NMSQT is an important scholarship test.  This is the test that deterines which students will be named National erit Scholars.  The preparation is the same as the SAT but the exam only counts when taken in Junior Year. Homeschoolers must find a local school that administers the test.  The College Board website will have a list of local schools offering testing.

Preparing for the SAT should begin as you start High School. Sign up to receive the College Board Official SAT Question of the Day every day.  Working a problem a day is an easier and more effective preparation than cramming at the last minute.

Most County Libraries have SAT Preparation Videos for the English, Writing, and Mathematics Sections. Borrow and view these valuable CDs.

Build your vocabulary. Learn an SAT word each day and use it in conversations. All new words could be written on 3 by 5 index cards with the definition on the back of the card. Review the cards until you have memorized the words. The Library should have SAT Word Books such as McGraw-Hill’s 400 essential SAT words.

If you’re interested in a highly competitive school, be sure to plan to take some SAT Subject Tests. These tests prove a proficiency in a subject such as Math, History or English.  Most Ivy League schools, for instance, require you to take two subject tests.

If you have a strong academic interest in a particular subject such as American History, Economics or Calculus, you can prove your proficiency by taking an AP (Advanced Placement) Exam. The Florida Virtual School currently offers 16 AP Courses. Or you can prepare for AP Exams by studying the material and working with an AP Workbook also available at the county library. The exams are taken at local schools.

Marianne Musella is an educational consultant and tutor.  She can be reached at

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