Jun 272012

Do you have a student interested in playing a sport or just wanting to be active? Here are some options for you. Christian Homeschool Athletic Association of Florida (CHAA) – CHAA operates from Hollywood to Orlando, with the purpose of providing homeschooled children all the benefits of an athletic curriculum under the guidelines of professional […]

Jun 252012

Some families homeschool year ’round; others take a break over the summer. Either way, families are often interested in taking field trips, either on their own or with a larger group. We’ve put together a Florida Homeschool Field Trip Directory that can help you find the best field trip opportunities Florida has to offer. While […]

May 162012

Many support groups require members to actively participate by organizing field trips or similar activities.  Or perhaps you’ve always had a desire to check out a particular venue and know it would be more fun with a group.  Either way, these guidelines for organizing a field trip can help you get the ball rolling.  1.     […]

Apr 152012

Homeschooling seems to be pretty mainstream these day. Which is why I am always caught off guard when people suggest that my kids were somehow deprived of the opportunity to develop social skills because they’ve been homeschooled. Never mind that the people who say this are people who’ve never even met my kids. It’s the idea […]