Jul 172012
Homeschool Learning Network

Homeschool Learning Network Free Homeschool Community! http://www.homeschoollearning.com Homeschoolers Can: Homeschool Groups Can: Join Projects Create their own Group Pages Create their own blog List Local Events Send &receive Private Messages Communicate on their Wall Join Interest Groups Create their own Forum Create their own Interest Groups Join in on Projects Lounge in the Homeschool Corner […]

May 222012

An article by Education Week yesterday claims that the number of homeschooling families will see robust growth over the next 10 years, as disillusioned parents spurn public schools. The article, Number of Homeschoolers Growing Nationwide, stated that “the number of primary school kids whose parents choose to forgo traditional education is growing seven times faster […]

May 192012

I read something today that went along the lines of this: remember that curriculum should serve us; we shouldn’t serve the curriculum. This brought back memories of my first year of homeschooling. My eldest daughter was in 2nd grade, my son was in Kindergarten, and my youngest daughter was about to turn one. I’d deliberately […]