Oct 122013

Homeschooling for Free (or close to it) Parents come to the decision to homeschool their children for myriad reasons. In our family, it was a combination of things, but I recall an early discussion with my husband in which I commented that I could certainly homeschool our kids for far less than what we were […]

Aug 212012

  Florida Homeschool Supply Stores     Just in time for back to homeschool — our list of Florida Homeschool Supply Stores. These are brick and mortar stores where you can take a hands-on look at materials before making the decision to buy. There’s also a section for Florida-based online providers. We’ll be adding national […]

Aug 072012

We received this message from Jerry Reynolds at Reynolds Math and thought it might interest many of you. Hello, Fellow Homeschooler! Reynolds Math is a new site available to anyone who is looking for some of the best math resources out there on the web. Though far from complete, you may find it to be […]

May 242012
Choosing Curriculum that Supports Your Values

There’s a joke that goes something like this: What’s the first thing a new homeschooling family does? They buy $500 of curriculum they’ll never use. Ok, maybe it’s not such a funny joke, but it is often a truism. When I was considering homeschooling, a woman in a local support group was kind enough to […]