Sep 182012

#5. Museums are a great place to take your children, especially when it’s hands-on. The Children’s Art Museum downtown LA was a hit for my kids. Also, a rather chilling adventure is the Museum of Tolerance, located in LA. #4. Radio & TV stations sometimes give tours for kids. We went to KOST […]

Jun 252012

Some families homeschool year ’round; others take a break over the summer. Either way, families are often interested in taking field trips, either on their own or with a larger group. We’ve put together a Florida Homeschool Field Trip Directory that can help you find the best field trip opportunities Florida has to offer. While […]

May 162012

Many support groups require members to actively participate by organizing field trips or similar activities.  Or perhaps you’ve always had a desire to check out a particular venue and know it would be more fun with a group.  Either way, these guidelines for organizing a field trip can help you get the ball rolling.  1.     […]