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Jul 172012
Homeschool Learning Network

Homeschool Learning Network Free Homeschool Community! Homeschoolers Can: Homeschool Groups Can: Join Projects Create their own Group Pages Create their own blog List Local Events Send &receive Private Messages Communicate on their Wall Join Interest Groups Create their own Forum Create their own Interest Groups Join in on Projects Lounge in the Homeschool Corner […]

Jul 142012

The Studio by FLVS provides several fee-based opportunities for you to get inspired. With a variety of live, online workshops, webinars, videos, and more, our offerings are tailored to different skill levels and interests. This summer, The Studio by FLVS offerings include live workshops, an online gaming program, and an elementary summer camp on demand. […]

Jun 252012

Some families homeschool year ’round; others take a break over the summer. Either way, families are often interested in taking field trips, either on their own or with a larger group. We’ve put together a Florida Homeschool Field Trip Directory that can help you find the best field trip opportunities Florida has to offer. While […]

Jun 172012

Try e-tap for the Summer – Blaise Subbiondo of e-tap wrote to us to say “Sign up for 10 day free trial to and email request for summer school to and free use will be extended to August 15.” No credit card is required. Visit Free theater program – Homeschoolers with a […]

Apr 252012

Do you have a future investor in your home? The Future Investors Club of America (FICA) is seeking nominations for its summer camps. Camps are held at sites throughout the US, including in Orlando. Interested? The full email announcement is below, along with links to the FICA page on the web and the nomination form. […]